Saifuldeen PHOTO
Name: Saifuldeen T. Al-Lami
Firm Name: Alsaif Advocates, Legal and Financial Consultants
Country: Iraq
Expertise: Litigation

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Professional Biography:

Saifuldeen T. Al-Lami is our exclusively recommended Litigation expert in Iraq.


  • Corporate lawyer since 1995.
  • Legal consultant in commercial and civil law.
  • National and international bank, non organization governmental registration and incorporator.
  • Legal consultant to foreign investment companies.
  • Commercial and civil litigation.
  • Prepare and review commercial and civil contracts.


  • Member of the Iraqi bar association since 1995.
  • Agent of company register in the ministry of trade.
  • Consultant of the economic committee in Iraqi chamber of commerce.
  • Member of human right organization.

Firm Overview:

Alsaif Advocates, Legal and Financial Consultants is the first law firm established in Iraq according to Company Law no 21 for the year 1997 (amended according to the regulations issued by Coalition temporary authority no. 64 for the year 2004) with legal services provided in North of Iraq (Arbeel & Sulaminya), South of Iraq (Basrah) & middle of Iraq (Najaf & Kerbala), it’s a firm by a group of advocates and legal consultants possessing vast experience in various legal areas.

Alsaif Advocates, Legal and Financial Consultants place the highest value on details, diversity, collaboration, and team spirit providing clients with seamless representation thus, attaining exceptional results each member of our team of professionals and qualified administrative staff is fully committed to providing our clients with accurate, thorough and cost effective advice.

We are specialists in:

  • Corporate & Commercial (Company Registration & Foundation).
  • Arbitration.
  • Agreement Drafting Revising.
  • Property & Real Estate.
  • Legal Consultation.
  • Banking & Finance.
  • Construction.
  • Taxation &Custom Duties.
  • Labour & Employment.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Maritime & Aviation.
  • Assist foreign companies in obtaining the visa for foreign workers.
  • Helping security companies in obtaining work permits issued by the Ministry of Interior / Private Security Companies Section.
  • Trade & Insurance.

And a legal guide for the national and international companies to invest in Iraq according to the new investment law regulations no. 13 for the year 2006.

We possess a solid background & complete knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable in our new legal system witch has expanded after 2003 issuing new laws especially in the field of investments, the new laws grant a unique opportunity for foreign companies to enter Iraq and invest in all kind fields (oil and gas, Insurance, Banking & finance, etc).

The firm can assist legal services for national and international companies to apply business and establish operations in Iraq.