Name: Safaa Bargouchi
Firm Name: Avocate, Lawyer, Attorney-at-Law
Country: Morocco
Expertise: Social Security Law

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Professional Biography:

Safaa Bargouchi is our exclusively recommended Social Security Law expert in Morocco on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Safaa directly using the contact details listed above.

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Generally speaking, social security refers to any programme created to shield society from the instability brought on by personal tragedies like unemployment or the loss of a wage earner. It is hard to foresee which families will have to deal with these costs in any given year, but a certain proportion of homes should be prepared for disaster on an annual basis.

A social insurance programme supported by the government distributes the risk among all members of society, ensuring that no one household is utterly destroyed by the suspension or cessation of incoming wages.

Due to significant public investments and structural reforms, Morocco has made significant social and economic growth during the past 20 years. Thanks to exports, private investment, and tourism, the Moroccan economy is characterised by macroeconomic stability and low levels of inflation.

Natural resources, agriculture, fisheries, textiles, leather goods, food processing, and tourism have historically been the primary pillars of the Moroccan economy. Emerging industries including offshoring, renewable energy, electronic assembly, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing are all experiencing rapid growth.

Morocco’s official languages are Amazigh and Modern Arabic. The primary language is Moroccan Arabic. French is a common language. There is also use of Spanish and English.