Name: Roger Duffin
Firm Name: ESco Business Services Limited
Country: England
Expertise: Publishing Services

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Professional Biography:

Roger joined ESco in 1999 bringing a wealth of knowledge with him, having spent the previous 27 years in the publishing industry. Roger is our projects guru. If you want something done, on time, on budget and to the highest standard…Roger is your man. In the office, Roger is involved in strategic planning, finance and purchasing, the overseeing of key client accounts and several operational areas of ESco’s business including the mailroom team and print and production. Out of the office, well, Roger has 5 dogs, 30 chickens, and a footpath through the garden he’s trying to close down. You will mostly find him at the gym, mowing the lawn (with his two, two year old grandchildren trailing behind), out on the bike with the dogs, behind his desk or, understandably, face down asleep at his kitchen table.

ESco Business Services Limited:

Once upon a time, over in East London, circa 1984, there were two young, beautiful, intelligent women named Susan & Elaine. Suzie & Elz.

They met frequently to drink wine, gossip and eat delicious cake. During these rather important meetings, they had an idea…an idea that would change the publishing world forever. ESco (Elaine, Susan, company).

They started as service providers to some publisher friends of theirs…the requests of work flooded and the variety of tasks became vast.

In 1986, Elaine left to sprog up her life. Leaving Susan at the helm working for a small group of precious publishers with a small, but mighty, team around her.

By 1987, Susan moved ESco (that’s us!) to Finchingfield in rural Essex, into some purpose converted farm buildings providing a nifty little office space and warehousing. Incorporating in 1995, ESco continued to acquire some fairly prestigious publisher clients through word of mouth…

Over the years, little old ESco grew so much that by 2000 they were offering a full range of subs and circ services to publishers. Not forgetting the data prep and mailing fulfilment side of the business which developed in tandem. Today ESco work with a wide range of clients, both in the exciting world of publishing and out.

In May 2006, Susan made another bold move. She packed up her office and 45 (ish) employees, waved goodbye to the converted pig-building and the “farm life” that came with it and moved ESco into a glorious purpose-built office building with on-site, fantastic, fandangled, spic and span warehousing. Thank you Susan!

So here we are, at Trinity House, with our mighty impressive team of sixty (ish) and we’re getting bigger and better, every day.

From word processing, daisy printers and chicken poop, to award winning e-commerce sites, a pretty mature publishing platform, apps and new and exciting progression EVERY DAY.

We’re particularly chuffed that all of this delightfully welcome expansion has come about primarily through increased business from existing clients (who once they join, rarely leave – just you wait and see!) as well as through recommendations from our clients – who just seem to love us. And our cake.