Name: Richard Henry Pasipanodya
Firm Name: Legacy IP Chambers
Country: Zimbabwe
Expertise: Copyright Law

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Professional Biography:

Richard Henry Pasipanodya is our exclusively recommended Copyright Law expert in Zimbabwe on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Richard directly using the contact details listed above.

Richard possesses over 26 years intimately insightful and visionary hours of work exposure and experience in various fields and aspects of protection matters at very senior levels of mandates and assignments at national, regional and international perspectives.

These include appointments entailing:

  • IP policy / legislative research, formulation, reviewing, update, reform and development;
  • IP policy / legislative analysis, interpretation, advice, advocacy, negotiation and lobbying;
  • IP policy / legislative administration, management, implementation and execution;
  • IP policy / legislative education, training, authorship, editorial, proof- reading and commentary;
  • IP office institutional systems development, administration, management and transformation.

His potency, prowess, exploits and accomplishments thereat rank him as one of the rarely found all-round expert IP practitioners in Zimbabwe and the sub-Saharan African region. Armed with this array of requisite skills, competencies and expertise in IP matters it is his passion and conviction that Africa has an equally proactive role to play in global IP matters and be a force to reckon with in not so distant a future.