Name: Raül González Fernández
Firm Name: Gonzalez Advocats
Country: Andorra
Expertise: Corporate Law

Telephone: +376 810 091
Fax: +376 826 380

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Professional Biography:

Raül González Fernández is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Andorra on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Raül directly using the contact details listed above.

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The body of laws and rules that control how corporations are created as well as how they interact with other businesses, people, and the general public is referred to as corporate law. All those involved in the operation, ownership, and management of the corporation are covered by these laws, as are their rights and obligations.

It is helpful to first discuss what exactly a corporation is before moving on to the topic of corporate law. A particular kind of company structure that is established and governed by state law is a corporation. A corporation is more specifically described as a legal entity that is distinct from its owners, or shareholders. This means that corporate duties, such keeping certain business records, can only be enforced against the organisation as a whole.

Firm Overview:

A multidisciplinary law firm with a focus on commercial, civil, and corporate law is Gonzalez Advocats. We strive to provide individualised assistance to each of our clients in order to effectively protect and defend their rights and interests.

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