Name: Ramón María Yglesias Piza
Firm Name: Mora Yglesias & Associates
Country: Costa Rica
Expertise: Commercial Law

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Professional Biography:

Ramón María Yglesias Piza is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Costa Rica on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ramón directly using the contact details listed above.

Our years in the legal business determine the essence of our success, based on knowledge, experience and service. Our commitment is to be diligent, always maintaining direct contact with our clients. This provides a closer client/attorney relationship that results in efficiency towards the goals of our clients. We actively participate in workshops, seminars and our senior attorneys are well-known professors of our most prestigious Law Schools.

Our team counts with attorneys of experience and knowledge of the local and global circumstances prepared to provide high-quality legal services in a globalised and service-oriented economy.

Firm Overview:

Founded in 1939, Mora Yglesias & Associates has proved to be a solid firm of high ethical standards and a commitment of service to our customers.

We have attorneys of great experience and knowledge of both the local and global context, who have consistently provided legal services of quality to the tenor of a globalised economy. Furthermore, we have amassed legal, social and political-strategic alliances that prepare us for any challenge and distinguish us from our competitors.

Our law firm is a pioneer in the development of international law firm networks.


In our firm, we speak Spanish and English. Some speak German, Italian and French.