Name: Prof. Avv. Luca Lupària
Firm Name: Studio Legale Prof. Lupária
Country: Italy
Expertise: Business Crime Law

Telephone: + 39 02 87 24 36 74
Fax: + 39 02 87 24 36 73

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Professional Biography:

Luca Lupària is our exclusively recommended Business Crime Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Luca directly using the contact details listed above.

Luca is Full Professor of Criminal Procedure at the University of Rome III. He is a criminal defence lawyer, member of the Milan Bar and admitted before the Italian Supreme Court, with an extensive experience in business crimes, bankruptcy and tax frauds, corruption, computer crimes and corporate criminal liability.

Luca is legal consultant of primary Italian companies, multinational and state-owned entities. He is President or member of the Supervisory Boards (“O.d.V.”) of top-level companies.

Luca has worked on national and European leading cases in the field of business crimes. He is recognised as an expert in corporate compliance programs and in high-technology crimes.

Prof. Avv. Luca Lupària authored several books on central topics of criminal justice, and over a hundred scientific articles or essays, also published in foreign law reviews and international volumes. He is member of the editorial board or director of Law Journals and Editorial Series. He is visiting Professor in European and American Universities, and he has spoken at several important international conferences held abroad.

Firm Overview:

Studio Legale Prof. Lupária has its Offices in Milan and Rome, but it is also active in Genoa. It offers a wide range of legal services over corporate compliance and criminal litigation area. It mainly focuses on white-collar and financial crimes; corruption and business frauds; energy, tax and bankruptcy offences and cyber-crimes.

Special attention is also given to the criminal liability of legal entities for offences committed by their members: on this area, Studio Legale Prof. Lupária has acquired a notable experience in developing advanced compliance programs. The Firm’s Clients include individuals, major corporations and listed companies, either in Italy and abroad.

Studio Legale Prof. Lupária has excellent relationships with overseas lawyers and is often engaged to manage cross-jurisdictional cases. The working languages of the legal team are Italian, English, Spanish and French.

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