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Name: Patience Higson Ngwa
Country: Cameroon
Expertise: Corporate Law

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Patience Higson Ngwa is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Cameroon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Patience directly using the contact details listed above.

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The complex of laws, rules, regulations, and procedures known as “corporate law” controls how corporations are created and run. It is the body of law that governs the establishment of business-related legal entities. The laws have an impact on everyone who is involved in establishing, acquiring, running, and managing a corporation.

The purpose of a corporation is to carry on business. It is a distinct legal entity from the individuals who create it. A corporation has the same legal rights as an individual to operate in its own name. An individual’s liability is constrained to the amount of stock they own in the corporation. They can only lose the amount they invested in the company.

All corporations are able to compete on an even playing field because to the laws and regulations governing them. The purpose of corporate law is to benefit business. It’s not intended to make things more difficult to accomplish.

The laws are in place to facilitate business operations for corporations. The rules that govern how to incorporate a business and how to conduct corporate business are designed to support commerce and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. They ensure that businesses behave predictably so that others can rely on them.

Civil law is corporate law. In general, it is not against the law. The corporation’s representatives can resort to the proper civil court to address problems when they arise. Of course, police and workers are still subject to prosecution for fraud and other crimes.

However, the rules that control the creation and administration of corporations typically fall under the civil law category and offer civil remedies.