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Name: Patience HIGSON NGWA – CFIP
Country: Cameroon
Expertise: Insurance Law

Telephone: +237 33 21 95 29
Mobile: +237 699 93 07 97
Fax: +237 233 42 55 90
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Patience Higson Ngwa is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Cameroon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Patience directly using the contact details listed above.

You can trace the roots of insurance law beyond the 12th and 13th century. The growth of industry came hand in hand with the rise of the maritime industry and trade, and it’s for this reason that London is the centre of the insurance market. This area of law has so far been less affected by the financial crisis than anticipated.

Insurance law work can be directly linked to external events and phenomena, for example claims put forward as a result of war, piracy, terrorism attacks or financial crises. Cases will stem from a whole manner of matters – both contentious and non-contentious – and also cover international cases.

An insurance lawyer will discern whether or not their clients are liable for damages for claims or eligible for in relation to the warranties stipulated in the relevant contracts. They will collect evidence from a range of sources in order to build a sound picture of what has happened and advise their client or employer accordingly. They will also negotiate and draft insurance policies, cover regulatory aspects such as Duty of Disclosure (the policyholder’s duty to provide pre-contract information) and investigate damages for late payments, or for personal injury claims.

Within an insurance company, they can also deal with reinsurance disputes (when a company buys insurance from another or multiple insurance).

In the case of individuals, they may work on behalf of the policyholder in an insurance claim dispute.