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Name: Muhammad Elsadany
Firm Name: Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm
Country: Egypt
Expertise: Corporate Formation Services

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Professional Biography:

Muhammad Elsadany is a partner at Sadany&khalifa Law Firm and he succeeded in combining between the experience and expertise. Muhammad graduated from the faculty of law English section and he got his master in international commerce from ASU. Moreover, Muhammad got a legal &UN Translation Diploma from AUC. Besides many other certificates, Muhammad is now preparing his Ph.D. in Commercial Law and it is expected to be completed soon. Furthermore, Muhammad is a specialized attorney in drafting international contracts. he worked as counsel for many Multinational Companies and he provided them with much legal advice that helps them in settling issues that standing as a stumbling block before the foreign investors. Muhammad participated in many international lawsuits which have been filed before the major Arbitration Tribunals. Furthermore, Muhammad provided much legal advice for governmental entities regarding international disputes filed against the Egyptian government. Muhammad helped many governmental entities in settling many disputes before aggravating and he succeeds in settling many disputes amicably. Muhammad worked as a legal expert and counsel for many International Law Firms abroad in order to provide them with the legal opinion regarding the international disputes which the Egyptian law shall be applied thereon or the part thereof and in reviewing the international contracts which may be performed within the Egyptian jurisdiction. Muhammad has a vast experience in negotiation and reaching the legal solutions amicably since he believes that the amicable way is the best way for the interest of the client, therefore the firm usually succeeds in settling and collect debts, and the firm comes first in this field. Muhammad has a vast experience in drafting, reviewing and translating different types of legal documents.

Firm Overview:

Sadany & Khalifa Law Firm is one of Egypt’s pioneering law firms.

Since its inception the firm has worked tirelessly on providing innovative legal solutions that help clients reach their ideal outcomes.

The Firm has vast expertise in offering legal consultation to both public and private sector companies, as well as to many government authorities and ministries.

The company has represented hundreds of clients before arbitration tribunals in local and international disputes and before Egyptian courts of different degrees.

It is well known that successful investment in any country requires legal solutions that support it in moving forward steadily, unhindered by barriers that may affect its growth or decrease the chances of achieving the desired benefits. Since such solutions must be transparent and realistic and their commercial ramifications acknowledged, we have always been keen to benefit our clients, not only through excellence in offering our legal services, but also due to the fact that we are grounded in reality and understand well the very real challenges involved in running a business.

Based on our conviction that the client’s best interest is our goal, and that clients are our partners for success, we are committed to developing our capacities and enhancing the skills needed to meet clients’ needs and guarantee their satisfaction.

Since action speaks louder than words, we commit to showing results – results that exceed all expectations.