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Name: Mohamed Lakehal
Firm Name: Société d'Avocats Lakehal Mohamed
Country: Algeria
Expertise: Arbitration

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Professional Biography:

Mohamed Lakehal is our exclusively recommended Arbitration expert in Algeria on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mohamed directly using the contact details listed above.

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By agreement of the parties, a dispute is presented to one or more arbitrators through the arbitration process, who then render an official ruling on the matter. Instead of going to court, the parties choose arbitration as a private conflict settlement process.

Only when both parties have consented to the arbitration process can it begin. The parties include an arbitration clause in the relevant contract for any potential future issues emerging under it.

A submission agreement between the parties may be used to submit an ongoing dispute to arbitration. A party cannot voluntarily leave arbitration, in contrast to mediation.

One of the primary draws of arbitration is that verdicts are frequently enforceable in the majority of nations around the world without a second hearing on the concerns and after a pretty quick procedure. The practicalities of enforcement differ based on things like:

  • The country where enforcement will probably be attempted
  • The legal standing of the party against whom enforcement is sought; for example, certain assets may be exempt from execution if the award is made against a State.
  • Whether action can be taken to prevent the other party from selling off its assets to thwart enforcement.

If having money in the bank is crucial, the likelihood of enforcement should be taken into account right once.