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Name: Mohamed Ibrahim Adam
Firm Name: Dr. Adam & Associates LLP
Country: Sudan
Expertise: Insurance Law

Telephone: (+249) 15-5139184
Fax: (+249)15-5139182

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Professional Biography:

Mohamed Ibrahim Adam is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Sudan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mohamed directly using the contact details listed above.

Mohamed admitted to bar in 1976. Education: LL.B University of Khartoum, 1974; Ph.D. University of Aberdeen 1992. Author of “The Perceived Problems in the Utilisation of Letters of Credits, A Comparative Study,” doctoral thesis. The law firm was founded in 1982 by Mohamed. Mohamed brings a varied and very successful background to his legal practice.

Prior to forming his own law firm, Mohamed served in the Sudan as a judge and legal counsel at the Attorney General Chambers. Mohamed worked as senior legal counsel at the Commercial Registrar General Office through which all applications for patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright and other intellectual property matters used to proceed to the stage of securing a grant, and hence registration. He also served as general counsel to a number of major domestic and multi-national companies in Saudi Arabia, including Alsalam Aircraft Company a joint venture between Boeing group and Saudi Airlines and other partners.

He served as legal counsel for ISCOSA, a subsidiary of SIMENS WESHINGHOUSE. He served as legal counsel for Al Baraka Dallah Group, one of the major banking and investment institutions and NIC, a joint stock company having international activities with about forty subsidiaries.

Mohamed also acted as consultant for leading Saudi law offices and is a member of the Sudanese Bar and the International Bar Association.

Firm Overview:

Dr. Adam & Associates LLP was founded with the mission of helping clients achieve their business goals. Given this philosophy in mind, we are dedicated to understanding our client’s objectives and finding the right approach to achieve those objectives.

Our goal is to provide high calibre counselling and representation that satisfies each client’s unique position. Counselling and representation that is efficient tailored to meet our client’s needs and designed to achieve the best possible results.

Counselling is viewed as a most important legal task by our firm. Our firm has extensive experience in providing opinions relating to all aspect of business and commercial law including intellectual property legal matters.

We strive to handle legal issues in a competent, diligent manner in compliance with universally accepted ethics and the highest standards of the law profession. We strive to maintain loyalty and commitment to our client’s cause, and ensure the requisite capability to provide him with an objective and independent advice, apt to achieve client’s objectives in business transactions and litigation, as expeditiously and economically as possible.

We prefer the role of a proactive partner in our client’s business and not just a reactive advisor. Our focus is the considerate support of our client’s overall business objectives. We strive to cultivate an effective client relationship based on trust. However, we always observe that the client must be kept well informed and involved in making the decisions that affect him.

To this end in the event that mediation, arbitration and alternative methods of resolving a dispute are feasible, the client will be advised against pursuing litigation.