Maurizio Dardani
Name: Maurizio Dardani
Firm Name: Dardani Studio Legale
Country: Italy
Expertise: Shipping & Maritime Law

Telephone: +39 010 576 18 16
Fax: +39 010 595 77 05
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Maurizio Dardani, born in Genoa on 23rd April 1949, began his professional career in 1975 and progressively specialized in maritime law and international trade law, and is now considered one of the top experts in the field.

After having resigned from the law firm Balestra, Kielland, Dardani of which he was a partner, on 2004 he established Genoa Chambers, structure of cooperation among independent professionals, and on 2012 he established Dardani Studio Legale gathering a team of lawyers around himself.

He has handled difficult disputes as litigation lawyer, in Court and in Arbitration, in the areas of charterparties, shipbuilding, sale and purchase contracts and marine insurance, collision and salvage, oil pollution, and many of his cases have been reported. Beyond serving as Counsel to the parties in litigations, he is also frequently appointed as Arbitrator.

He regularly advises Italian and foreign shipowners particularly in transactions of ship sale and purchase and shipbuilding contracts, as well as in complex matters of ship financing which require expertise in different legislations.

He delivers lectures at conferences and has been referred to in many legal publications in the matter of carriage of goods by sea, laytime and demurrage, ship sale and purchase and shipbuilding contracts.

He is a member of the Genoa Bar and admitted to practice before the Italian Supreme Court. He is member of the executive committee of the Italian Association of Maritime Law. He speaks Italian, English and French.

Firm Overview:

Dardani Studio Legale gathers different lawyers who share intellectual and professional values.

The firm originates from the professional activity of Avv. Maurizio Dardani who has practiced for more than thirty years and he is a specialist of maritime law, law of transportation and international trade, both in Italy and abroad. His expertise in such fields is well recognized.

Such long experience has turned into method and training, through the case by case practice and the in-depth study, that enables all members of the firm to face all scenarios and issues shipping related, so providing clients with highly qualified assistance.

At the same time, together with the development and the enhancement of this culture of maritime law, the firm has grown and has gained experience and expertise in different areas of practice also through the contribution of each of its members.

It is through this combination of different backgrounds that Dardani Studio Legale offers its clients legal services also in areas which are collateral and parallel to shipping. The lawyers of Dardani Studio Legale are members of Genoa Chambers (, structure where several professionals exercise their activity.