Name: Martha Owusu
Country: UK - England
Expertise: Investment Services

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Professional Biography:

Martha Owusu is our exclusively recommended Investment Services expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Martha directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Welcomes Martha Owusu and Way To Africa Ltd in England (

Way to Africa Ltd is an organisation that aims to promote Africa as a prime destination for businesses, export, import, and investment. Way to Africa Ltd focuses on attracting investment into Africa’s diverse business sectors — agriculture, renewable energy, infrastructural development, real estate, health, culture and tourism, retail, hotel and hospitality, education, mining, and technology. The aim is to highlight Africa’s growing economy and the big market as a destination for international companies to grow their businesses.

Why Choose Way to Africa Ltd?

We have various representatives in most African countries including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana. These representatives provide incredible local knowledge needed for executing a successful a project. They speak the local languages, understand the culture and have the necessary connections with the local government to facilitate the implementation of various project from various sectors.

The management team in the United Kingdom provides an invaluable point for contact for any company, individual or government institutions in the United Kingdom wanting to venture into the African market.

Way to Africa Ltd has developed relationships with various governments in Africa. This is vital for anyone venturing into the African market. We are one of the first companies to be contacted for government projects. Our good relationships with the various government have contributed to the success of Way to Africa.

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