Name: Maren Perry MA PCC
Firm Name: Arden Coaching
Country: USA - New York
Expertise: Executive Coaching

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Professional Biography:

Maren Perry is our exclusively recommended Executive Coaching Services expert in New York on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Maren directly using the contact details listed above.

When Maren walks into the room, you know it. She is a natural and dynamic leader one is drawn to for her energy, charisma and her diverse knowledge and background.

Her experience in coaching top performers has brought her clients in diverse areas: from Fortune 500 companies, to U.S. Government, to leaders in the Arts. Maren’s clients are consistently recognised for improved relationships and moving large projects forward swiftly and effectively. Her focus is on developing her clients’ interpersonal and communication skills so that they can lead their teams with a higher degree of engagement and effectiveness.

Prior to coaching as owner of a management consultant company, Maren worked with clients such as the Annenberg Foundation, White House Project, AIG and Blackstone Group. Standout projects include the management of the International Women Leaders Global Security Conference and Initial Public Offerings for Blackstone Group and Genworth Financial.

In her twenties, Maren coached an innovative dance team to win the National Championship within six months of inception, then toured internationally training thousands in advanced technique. She is a champion herself who understands that mastery in one’s field takes commitment, structure, training, passion and support. It is this passion and drive that she fosters in her coaching clients.

As an Executive Coach, she combines her commitment to excellence, ability to read situations and people, project management skills and inspirational style in order to propel her clients far beyond what they believe to be possible.

Firm Overview:

Arden Coaching is a team of 17 experienced coaches who share a powerful and effective method for cultivating positive change within their clients. Each of our coaches sets out to strengthen leadership within each organisation they partner with so that both the individual and the company prosper.

At Arden Coaching, we treat each interaction with our clients as an opportunity. We want you to walk away better than you came to us, whether you’re a company, client, vendor, or prospective new client. For you, that may be the transformation of your business or a new tool or way of seeing the world, or maybe it’s just a pleasant phone conversation when you have a question. At the end of the day, we want to make a difference for our clients.

Learn what an executive coaching partnership could do for the good of your executives and the good of your organisation by reaching out to us for a consultation today.