Name: Leonardo Braune
Firm Name: Intercorp Group
Country: USA - Florida
Expertise: Tax Services

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Professional Biography:

Leonardo Braune is our exclusively recommended Tax Services expert in Florida on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Leonardo directly using the contact details above.

Leonardo is a respected and highly experienced consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate planning, wealth preservation, fiduciary advice, implementation and management of management of international structures and projects.

With a vast experience in tax, and extremely diversified client base and a very strong global network of top specialists in many different business related areas, Leonardo has led a large number of successful projects in several industries including oil and gas, telecommunications, real estate, international services, investments funds and asset management.

Firm Overview:

Intercorp Group was established under the supervision of Leonardo Braune, with the objective of becoming one of the few true international tax consulting boutiques, fully capable of providing high quality tax, estate planning and fiduciary structuring services, delivering to its clients only the most efficient and practical solutions.

Intercorp Group is a privately owned high-level consulting firm, which provides tax, estate planning and fiduciary structure solutions to high-net-worth families.

Intercorp Group functions as an accessible interface, streamlining intelligence from an elite global network of professionals and specialists and ultimately bestowing on clients both the knowledge, confidence and solutions to handle their matters in the best possible way.