Name: Larry John Rabb Carvalho
Firm Name: PROMARE
Country: Brazil
Expertise: Transport Law

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Professional Biography:

Larry Carvalho is our exclusively recommended Transport Law expert in Brazil on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Larry directly using the contact details listed above.

In order to meet the needs of companies in the current context of globalisation of trade, arises in 1999, the PROMARE Consulting in partnership with Aquinas Eugenio & Law Firm, having a team of professionals with expertise in the mobilisation of international trade and the various right ramifications arising from it, working under the concept of boutique office with personalised service and proximity to the main partners with customers.

The office, based in Fortaleza, is able to operate in all Brazilian port cities through its extensive network of legal correspondents, in order to achieve the best cost / benefit in the immediate response to emergencies, including defence litigation, inspection sinister and breakdowns by commissioners of faults linked to the office, negotiations and clarifications to local and claimants authorities in a secure manner to minimise losses and ensure the customer a future compensation, if any, always confronting all sorts of abusive and illegal demand.

Firm Overview:

We at Promare Consultoria, Promare Cobranças and Rabb, Carvalho Advocacia are prepared to cover the needs of our clients. Together, we act in the search for greater legal security in comex and shipping transactions.