Name: Jose Baez
Firm Name: The Baez Law Firm
Country: USA - Florida
Expertise: Criminal Defence

Telephone: 407-705-2626
Fax: 407-705-2625

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Professional Biography:

Jose Baez is our exclusively recommended Criminal Defence expert in Florida on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Jose directly using the contact details above.

Jose is an experienced trial lawyer who has represented clients in the full range of criminal and civil cases. He is best known for “shocking the world” in what TIME Magazine dubbed the “Social Media Trial of the Century”.

Mr. Baez’s practice has a particular emphasis on representing clients in complex and high-profile criminal and civil cases. However, many of Mr. Baez’s successes never make it into the spotlight as he has represented celebrities and athletes who prefer anonymity. This is where his knowledge and experience with the media helps best serve his clients.

Few lawyers understand the importance of media relations and its inner workings. Mr. Baez has gained extensive experience in successfully defending scientifically and medically intensive criminal and civil cases. He has worked on issues including shaken baby syndrome, paediatric head injuries, sexual assault cases with medical evidence, and cases involving DNA evidence.

In order to more effectively cross examine many forensic experts, Mr. Baez finds it important to learn the science himself. That is why he has completed hundreds of hours of training in forensic science. Mr. Baez has studied DNA, Blood Pattern Analysis, trace recovery, forensic pathology, and entomology, just to name a few.

Additionally, Mr. Baez is a highly sought-after speaker and lecturer. He is on the faculty at Harvard Law School where he teaches trial techniques to second- and third-year law students in what is considered one of Harvard Law School’s most popular courses.