Name: Jim Mays
Firm Name: Siskinds LLP
Country: Canada
Expertise: Personal Injury Law

Telephone: 519.672.2121
Fax: 519.672.6065
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

To understand a little about the quality of the man, simply review what he has achieved: Certified as a Specialist in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada; Selected by his peers to be included in Best Lawyers in Canada; Awarded a peer review rating of “BV Distinguished” by Martindale-Hubbell indicating a very high rating in both legal ability and ethical standards; Author, lecturer and presenter on various legal topics including civil procedure, personal injury and insurance law, trial advocacy and tort law.


LL.B. Western University


From the Bottom of my Heart.

From the bottom of my heart I like to thank you, for your patience, advice and the work you did to push my claim forward to the happy result that we obtained. Without your help I would be nowhere. With thanks, yours truly. -D.S.

You Were a Blessing.

Jim Mays, after 19 years of being with a lawyer who took advantage of my situation, you were a blessing. I could not have been recommended to a better lawyer to take over my case. The first lawyer I had for many years left me feeling very mistrustful. When I entered your office I was still wary, however, that feeling didn’t last long. Your professionalism and sincerity made me feel more secure about my future for the first time since my accident. Plus, you accomplished what my previous lawyer could not, and only in one year. I sincerely thank you and everyone else who helped with my case. It was truly a pleasure to meet you all. I wish you all the best! Thanks again! – M.

The Best Results Possible.

I want to thank you and Siskinds for the great work you did for me over the past few years. From day one, I knew that you and the whole firm were in my camp working to help me get true justification for my case. I never felt that I wasn’t important enough for your consideration and I really appreciate the time and effort by you and Siskinds, on my behalf, to get the results I was looking for. If I have a future need, I am confident that Siskinds will be able to get the best results possible for my complete satisfaction. Thank you. – J.B.

A Compelling Testimonial.

There are no words adequate to fully express our gratitude for all you have done over the past almost eight years for our family! From the first time we met at Children’s Hospital, when Ian and I were both still very much in a state of shock, we had confidence and faith that we had chosen the right person to represent us in you, Jim. Your sensitivity and integrity shines through and that is what was so important to us as a family. After meeting with the team, on several occasions, we were even more assured!

As you know this was a life changing event for our family. We unfortunately had a glimpse of what almost losing a child looked like, we all suffered together as I fell deeply into the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and for the first time in my life considered suicide, and we struggled together to learn just what the effects of a catastrophic brain injury looks like. We also watched as our adult daughter became totally dependent on us as she struggled reliving the events of that horrible day. Needless to say, our family dynamics changed drastically! Thankfully, with a very strong support network we beat the odds and remain intact!

Through all of this, you, and the team that Jody Abbott put together stuck with and by us. Always available, always keeping each of our needs in mind. Never putting decisions ahead of our individual needs at the time.

Wendy Highley, you will undoubtedly miss my calls, crying at the other end, to ask you questions and just look for reassurance!!! I thank you for making me feel like it was an ok thing to do!

Jackie Swiech, thank you too for taking my calls when I was too impatient to just leave Jim a message! – Anonymous

Simply Put, You Are Great.

I’ve no words to express my gratitude for you Jim. I’ll never forget you till my last breath. Simply put, you are great. Thank you very much for everything. – K. A.

Always Felt Well-Represented.

Once again thank you for your excellent service in this matter. I enjoyed working with you and always felt well represented. Thanks again. – J. S.

Thank You So Much.

Jim, Jackie and Wendy, Thank-you so much for taking such good care of me during this difficult process. It means more than you could imagine that you helped me navigate this, not only quickly, but with integrity. All the best for a healthy, happy and successful 2015! – L. N.

Ontario Rehab Alliance Breakfast Workshop.

I wanted to let you know also that your firm made a very positive impression on a number of participants, including myself, who hadn’t previously been very familiar with Siskinds (due to working outside of London). Speaking personally, I was impressed with your knowledge of the SABS and medical-rehab services along with your commitment to advocacy for your clients, all while still maintaining the integrity of the system (i.e., no slimy maneuvering :)). To me, this makes for the perfect law firm and you have now been added to my list of dream-team members if I’m ever involved in an accident. – J. H., Speech-Language Pathologist

Compassionate and Professional.

After a difficult personal injury accident in 2008, I hired Jim Mays at Siskinds LLP to assist with my case. His professional and compassionate approach was greatly appreciated. He helped me understand the legal process and supported me and my family throughout the long ordeal. Because of Jim, I was able to obtain a fair settlement that recognizes all of my future needs. I would highly recommend Jim and the team at Siskinds for any personal injury cases. – Anonymous

Thank You.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your team for a great effort with my case. I will recommend you and your team to anyone who needs your professional assistance in the future. Thank you. – S. C.

The Lawyer, Jim Mays.

These are a few personal thoughts of my perspective from working with Jim Mays. I was injured when a driver turned left in front of me. I was riding a motorcycle to work, so I suffered several broken bones and a brain injury. Jim is a very thoughtful and considerate man who took my personnel situation into full consideration. He has a very personable nature and a family oriented lifestyle. This allowed the comfort I needed to build our relationship continued friendship. His diligent and stern professional work ethic is impressive and when needed applied gracefully! Working with Jim allowed me to focus on my personal rehab as Jim and his team took care of all legal, funding and conflict issues which occur when one is vulnerable after an injury. I am honoured to have worked with Jim and grateful of our existing friendship! Thanks. D.B., Easy Acres Farm

James Mays and His Team Put My Needs First.

On July 31 2003 my life changed. I was rear ended on my motorcycle and badly injured a long way from home. Laying in the hospital bed all I could do was worry about my future i.e losing my job, mortgage payments etc. I thought things will be O.K. because I have insurance. Once I got home and filed a claim I quickly found out the Insurance company was not my friend. The person that hit me was charged with Dangerous driving causing bodily harm and the insurance company was treating me like I was the villain. After three weeks of them making my life more miserable a friend suggested I contact Jim Mays at Siskinds. I met with Jim and he took the case then things got better no more harassing phone calls or letters. Jim’s staff made sure I got the accident benefits that I was entitled to some of which the insurance company never even told me about. Over the years Jim and his staff fought to keep my accident benefits and fought legal battles with two insurance companies. In the end Jim Mays negotiated two insurance settlements with my well being the significant priority. In closing my experience with Jim Mays and Siskinds law firm was a good one and I would recommend them to anybody. – R.H.F.

Injured cyclist happy with our representation.

[I found] Jim Mays and his team to be knowledgeable, committed, personable, and realistic about the outcome of the settlement (which I think was fair). – Anonymous

Service and results make a happy Personal Injury client.

When I woke up in the hospital following a motorcycle collision, the best advice I have ever been given in life came in the form of, “Get a good personal injury lawyer”. Jim Mays at Siskinds came recommended at the top of that list. Having been through the system from start to finish, I now see why and confer entirely with that assessment. Jim and all his support staff took a personal interest in my case and even though I know they were busy with other clients as well, always had time to answer my questions when I had them. Jim reads people extremely well, talks to them on their level and has the knack of explaining in terms that are easily understood by those of us unfamiliar with legal jargon or the insurance system. Wendy Highley, Jackie, and Tina took care of the day to day tasks making sure I was notified of meetings, assessments etc., and had the correct forms filled out and submitted on time. When I was overwhelmed by some of the mountains of paperwork they stepped in and helped me out. Without a doubt, the onerous nature of the claims process would have eaten me alive and I wouldn’t have come close to realizing the settlements I received without their knowledge and professionalism. The degree of their professionalism was especially apparent when they politely laughed at my attempts at humour, and I must say there were days they made ME smile, even when I didn’t feel like it. My family and I truly want to thank them for all of that, and ALL they have done for me. It is greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Jim Mays and all his staff to anyone in a similar situation and if I ever need … no … nevermind I won’t be making motor vehicle collisions a habit . They don’t seem the least bit addictive. D.H.D.F., B.Sc.

Young man injured in serious motor vehicle accident reaches settlement.

Wendy was phenomenal. Jackie was phenomenal as well. Both were complete, thorough and timely with response/information. I say that you are the best, very professional and classy. Jim Mays is great. Easy to talk to, very timely responses to any questions or concerns and was very excellent in treating me as a normal human being and not the brain injured guy. – Anonymous