Name: Javid Yusifov
Firm Name: Caspian Legal Center
Country: Azerbaijan
Expertise: Business Law

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Professional Biography:

Javid Yusifov is Managing Partner at Caspian Legal Center. He is a graduate of Baku State University and has worked for several ministries and a local law firm in Baku, Azerbaijan. Mr. Yusifov possesses great experience in corporate, employment and immigration matters. Being a former diplomat he is also responsible for foreign relations of the Caspian Legal Center.

Firm Overview:

Caspian Legal Center is a Baku based full-service Azerbaijani law and consulting firm. We provide legal service and advice to foreign and local businesses operating in Azerbaijani market; as well as, foreign individuals regarding Azerbaijani law issues.

Our Principles:

– Law for Business: Business minded, knowledge and experience to approach legal matters from the perspective and interests of real-life businesses/business owners;
– Law for Compliance: Strict compliance with local legislation;
– Law for Risks: Mitigation of business risks, possible damage, losses, liability and other legal risks related to property, people, plans and operations of business;
– Law for Quality: Adhering international standards of legal work, international and contemporary approach to both local legal work or cross-border legal issues (joint projects, foreign investment, international transactions, import/export etc;
– Law for Solutions: Ability to handle complicated legal/business situations and propose sophisticated practical solutions;
– Law for Finance/Tax: Ability to analyze and consider financial and tax sides and impacts of the issues involving legal work (team involves finance/accountant expert also);
– Law for Practice: We act by considering the practical impacts of our work, by taking into account the real business circumstances, legal approaches of government  institutions;
– Law for Benefit: Up-to-date knowledge of ongoing economic reforms, new business, investment, tax opportunities, and incentives.