Name: Jason J. Mu
Firm Name: Yingke Law Firm
Country: China
Expertise: Commercial Law

Telephone: (86) 20-3768180
Fax: 020-66857289
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Jason serves as the trusted legal adviser for approximately 50 long-term coporate clients. Jason also formed the Guangzhou IP & Legal Adviser Group as a means to focus top professionals on the problems and opportunities of intellectual property value creation and protection.

Jason litigates trademark, copyright, patent, antitrust, and unfair competition disputes on behalf of foreign and domestic enterprises.

· Ongoing software infringement litigation on behalf of a well-known American software company
· Nationwide infringement actions against nearly 6000 Taobao stores on behalf of a top Chinese clothing company
· A series of copyright infringement disputes between Guangzhou Sculpture Academy and Carrefour
· A series of patent and trademark disputes on behalf of a well-known Korean candy company
· Investigation of a trademark infringement incidence of a Global 500 Swiss corporation
· Legal Adviser for the UK listing of a Chinese company
· A series of trademark and unfair competition cases between two chocolate brands

Jason has instructed at Tsinghua University and Sun Yat-sen University, served as a legal adviser to the Technology and Information Bureau of the Guangzhou Developement District, and mentored companies such as Guangzhou Torch Hi-Tech Enterprise Service Center in business. He has also served as director for several leading intellectual propertyassociations, including Guangdong Association of Intellectual Property Protection, Guangdong Association of Copyright Protection, Guangdong Institute of Social Scientific Information, and the Information Networks and High-Tech Legal Affairs Office.

· Executive Member of Guangdong Province Intellectual Property Association
· Member of the Guangzhou Jury of Appeals’ Intellectual Property Board of Arbitration
· Vice President of the Alumni Association of Guangdong Ocean University in Guangzhou
· Associate-Instructor of LLM at Tsinghua University

Jason has been a qualified lawyer in China since 2000. He graduated from Guangdong Ocean University, with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and_ graduated from the prestigious Peking University with a LL.M in intellectual property. Following law school, he was a practicing lawyer at Greenleaf Law Firm and Trust Law Firm.


Mandarin, English

Selected Publications:

· Research on Ownership Rights Created by Employee Invention
· Views on “Dukang” Trademark Disputes
· Overview of the Concept of Practical Art and Its Protection
· Intel vs. East Jin Infringement Dispute: A Reflection on the Legal Issues
· Expounding on Legal Copyright Usage Systems