Helle Mørch Sørensen
Name: Helle Mørch Sørensen
Firm Name: HjulmandKaptain
Country: Denmark
Expertise: Family Law

Telephone: +45 7015 1000
Email: hso@70151000.dk

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Professional Biography:

Helle Mørch Sørensen is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Helle directly using the contact details listed above.

Family law comprises everything from marriage contracts and wills to divorce and division of property. Unfortunately, many people only realise the legal challenges that we are facing in everyday life, when it is too late. It becomes more and more complex to control “an ordinary life” and make sense in everything. It is therefore important for you to secure your future in the best possible way – also in legal terms.

HjulmandKaptain has established a specialist team of lawyers with dedication for and true specialist knowledge of this particular field of the law. We are aware that all cases are different and will treat your case with the due care and significance required by any case of personal character. We attach importance to an individual and qualified counselling at all times.

Our counselling may e.g. concern the following areas:

  • Drawing up of wills, including examination of circumstances pertaining to inheritance and financial affairs and discussion as to whether the inheritance should be separate property for the heirs. Our minimum fees for drawing up a will are DKK 3,500, ex. VAT.
  • Wills appointing a testamentary guardian for a child.
  • Marriage contracts. We advise on the conclusion of marriage contracts, both antenuptial and postnuptial contracts. Marriage contracts may be an instrument for securing a business, a real property or otherwise in case of divorce. Marriage contracts are often drawn up in conjunction with wills. Our minimum fees for drawing up a marriage contract are DKK 2,500, ex. VAT.
  • Conditions for divorce and legal separation and division of community property. A legal separation or a divorce is a difficult situation. It is therefore important that the process is handled smoothly, especially if there are children involved. Cooperation with an understanding divorce lawyer is a good start to a difficult situation.
  • Custody, residence and contact. You must agree on where your children should live. If you fail to agree, legal advice may be a good idea for the purpose of attending to your interests.
  • Maintenance and child support. The party accorded most time with the children is entitled to child support from the other party.
  • Counselling on unmarried couples’ legal relations, including the drafting of cohabitation contracts. Our counselling also comprises matters concerning the law of wills and succession, including the drawing up of wills to secure the parties’ succession right, and insurance issues, including joint life insurance.
  • Family checks, free of charge. Critical or acute situations are mostly attended to, whereas many people often forget about or put aside the more general and common dilemmas. Owing to our many years of experience in family law, we have therefore experienced that most of us may benefit a lot from having your family’s legal situation evaluated by means of a family check, free of charge.
  • Inheritance and property division. We attend to the heirs’ interests in connection with estate administration.