Name: Grace El Mahmoud Marabe
Firm Name: LMG Management Consultants
Country: United Arab Emirates
Expertise: Business Law

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Professional Biography:

Grace El Mahmoud Marabe is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in the United Arab Emirates on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Grace directly using the contact details listed above.

Business law, often known as commercial law or mercantile law, is the body of regulations controlling inter-person interactions in commercial concerns, whether established by convention, agreement, national or international legislation.

Business law is divided into two distinct categories: (1) the laws governing companies, partnerships, agencies, and bankruptcy; and (2) the laws governing contracts and allied sectors, which govern business transactions.

Firm Overview:

LMG provides bespoke and competitive solutions to meet your business and organisational needs.

LMG Consultants is a British & Emirati Management Consultancy Company, which provides bespoke and competitive solutions to meet your business and organisational needs.

Our team of Consultants have over thirty years of combined experience in management consulting, project management, coaching and training, business development and corporate strategy. We offer diligent, straightforward and practical solutions based on our vast experience and extensive network across various sectors.

We assist companies and individuals who seek to do business in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Africa with strategic, operational and organisational solutions.

We pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) markets and offer our clients a unique Western and Middle Eastern perspective of doing business successfully in those regions.

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