Name: Geronimo Cardia
Country: Italy
Expertise: Administrative Law

Telephone: +39 06 8088175
Fax: +39 06 8081301
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Geronimo Cardia is our exclusively recommended Administrative Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website.   If you need assistance in these areas, please contact Geronimo directly using the contact details listed above.

Degree in Law; Degree in Economics; Master in Tax Law; AAUUC training course in the “Guardia di Finanza” Academy.

Lawyer before superior courts, chartered accountant, auditor, technical consultant at the Civil Court and the Criminal Court of Rome and Bankruptcy Trustee.

After a ten years period of working for an International Law Firm, he takes on his own and direct assignments, establishes and manages internal legal offices of companies and groups and, in 2004, founded the organization from which today the Cardia and Cardia law firm originates  ( ).

In public and private, industrial, financial and third sector institutional and entrepreneurial realities, since over twenty years he helds positions as Chairman or Member of Boards of Statutory Auditors, Chairman or Member of Supervisory Bodies, as well as Indipendent Statutory Auditor or Independent Supervisory Body, Commissioner Liquidator and Trustee in several procedures, Chairman of trade associations.    Judicial assistant in extraordinary administrations of large companies, judicial custodian of companies, commissioner liquidator of joint commission fund, member of ministerial commissions for the assignment of training grants, certifying auditor training plans, certifying auditor of funded research projects, local counsel for international groups, as well as officer of the Guardia di Finanza assigned to the third department of the General Command. He also participates in the preparation of Organizational Models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

He is a consultant for groups and companies also in judicial administration or forced liquidation.   He provides support to trade associations for the coordination of  legal meetings of the associated operators.

He takes care of legal, fiscal, compliance, civil and administrative litigation, M&A, corporate, JV, banking, contracts and typical issues of corporate lawyers also aimed at restructuring groups and debts. With his colleagues he assists start-ups and internal legal offices, for corporate activities (board meetings, shareholders’ meetings etc.), both ordinary (contracts, and operations in general), and extraordinary (acquisitions, restructuring and start-ups), litigation (out-of-court and judicial) following corporate strategies for recovering credit positions. He has been involved since over fifteen years in the regulated public gaming sector.

With particular reference to Administative Law and Litigation, consolidated expertise in judicial assistance before the Regional Administrative Courts and before the State Council in several proceedings carried out in the interest of local operators, Companies and Groups especially relating, but not limited, to the regulated public gaming sector (denials of licenses, concessions, authorizations etc.) as well as extrajudicial assistance against local administrations, opinions and information notes to Court of Auditors, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Customs and Monopoly Agency in relation to all respective powers and liabilities.

Professor of Tax Law and International Tax Law in the specialist degree course in Managerial Sciences at the G. D’Annunzio University of Chieti, Pescara (academic years from 2004/2005 to 2010/11).

Speaker at several conferences, as well as lecturer in courses with particular regard to tax matters, compliance, anti-money laundering, traceability of financial flows and regulated public gaming.

Author of the book “The Territorial Issue – Prohibitions on legal gambling as set forth by local regulations”, 2016 GN Media Edition, Italian and English version, of the book “A Legal Outline of Privatization”, Il Sole 24 Ore Books Edition, as well as several fiscal publications, also concerning the regulation of public gaming sector and Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Among the roles assumed

  1. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Istituto Superiore di Sanità (2015 – 2019);
  2. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Parco Eolico Cocullo S.p.A. (2009 – 2017);
  3. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Fondo per la Formazione Forte (2008 – 2012);
  4. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Sphaera Partners S.r.l. (2005);
  5. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors dei Conti Fondo Formazione Fondazienda (2011 – in effect);
  6. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Fondazione Soroptimist – Club di Roma (2011 – in effect);
  7. Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors Redo S.g.r. (2018 – in effect);
  8. Chairman of the Supervisory Body GSA- Gran Sasso Acqua S.p.A. (2018 – in effect);
  9. Chairman of the Supervisory Body Engie Produzione S.p.A., già Gas de France Produzione Suez S.p.A. (2011– in effect);
  10. Chairman of the Supervisory Body Multiservizi Caerite S.p.A. (2017 – in effect);
  11. Chairman of the Supervisory Body Redo Sgr (2020 – in effect);
  12. Independent Statutory Auditor Med Oil S.r.l. (2015 – in effect);
  13. Independent Statutory Auditor Galileo Alliance Association (2019 – in effect);
  14. Independent Supervisory Body Sistemia S.p.A. (2017 – in effect);
  15. Independent Supervisory Body Sviluppo Toscana S.p.A. (2015 – in effect);
  16. Independent Supervisory Body Giulianova Patrimonio S.p.A. (2020 – in effect);
  17. Independent Supervisory Body Fondazione Fratelli Paolo e Tito Molina – Onlus (2017 – 2018);
  18. Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors Confapi – Confederazione Italiana Piccola e Media Industria Privata (2015 – in effect);
  19. Statutory Auditor IP Industrial S.p.A., già Raffineria di Roma S.p.A. (2018 – in effect);
  20. Statutory Auditor Fondazione INGM – Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolare (2014 – 2020);
  21. Statutory Auditor Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico materno-infantile Burlo Garofolo (2013 – 2020);
  22. Statutory Auditor Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” (2016–2019);
  23. Statutory Auditor dell’Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Policlinico Umberto I di Roma (2016 – 2019);
  24. Statutory Auditor Sigea- Sistema integrato Genova Arquata S.p.A. (2010 – 2019);
  25. Statutory Auditor Gestioni Europa S.p.A. (2010 – 2019);
  26. Statutory Auditor Azienda Ospedaliera San Camillo-Forlanini (2016 – 2017);
  27. Statutory Auditor Metzeler (Italia) società di intermediazione mobiliare S.p.A. (2002 – 2004);
  28. Statutory Auditor P&G Società di Gestione del Risparmio – “P&G SGR S.p.A.” (2010 – 2016);
  29. Statutory Auditor Autoequipe S.p.A. (2013 – 2014);
  30. Statutory Auditor Zerocento – Società per Azioni (2010 – 2014);
  31. Statutory Auditor 9ren Italia S.r.l. (2010 – 2013);
  32. Statutory Auditor Azienda Sanitaria Locale – ASL1 Avezzano Sulmona L’Aquila (2010 – 2013);
  33. Statutory Auditor Centomiglia S.r.l. (2010 – 2013);
  34. Statutory Auditor Ener 3 S.r.l. (2010 – 2012);
  35. Statutory Auditor De.Co. Deposito Comune Società Consortile a responsabilità limitata (2012);
  36. Statutory Auditor Erg Cesa Eolica S.p.A. (2007 – 2009);
  37. Statutory Auditor Genesys – Società per Azioni (2008);
  38. Statutory Auditor Sensata Technologies Italia S.p.A. (2006 – 2008);
  39. Statutory Auditor European Engineering and Technologies S.p.A. (2006 – 2008);
  40. Statutory Auditor Moulin de Blé S.r.l. (2002 – 2005);
  41. Statutory Auditor Dover Italy Holdings S.r.l. (1999 – 2005);
  42. Statutory Auditor Western Union Retail Services Italy S.r.l. (2003);
  43. Statutory Auditor Invensys Appliance Controls Holding S.r.l. (1999 – 2002);
  44. Statutory Auditor Emmegi S.r.l. (2005);
  45. Statutory Auditor Rotary Lift Europe S.r.l. (1999 – 2002);
  46. Member of the Supervisory Body InnovaPuglia S.p.A. (2018 – in effect);
  47. Member of the Supervisory Body Engie Servizi S.p.A. (2017 – 2018);
  48. Member of the Supervisory Body Engie Italia S.p.A., già Gas de France Suez Energia Italia S.p.A. (2011 – in effect);
  49. Member of the Supervisory Body Voghera Energia S.p.A. (2017 – in effect);
  50. Member of the Supervisory Body HBG Entertainment S.r.l. (2016 – in effect);
  51. Selected Chairman of the Supervisory Body Lazio Ambiente S.p.A. (2015);
  52. Member of the Supervisory Body Gas de France Flow Management Holding S.p.A. (2012 – 2016);
  53. Member of the Supervisory Body BingoPlus S.p.A. (2013 – 2017);
  54. Member of the Supervisory Body HBG Arcades S.p.A. (2013 – 2017);
  55. Member of the Supervisory Body Latina Bingo S.r.l. (2013 -2017);
  56. Certifying Auditor of funded research plans svolti nell’Azienda Ospedaliera – Università di Parma (2015);
  57. Auditor for Certification of training plans financed by bilateral joint funds for training. Companies operating in several sectors for employee training (Fondimpresa, Fondirigenti, Adecco).
  58. Alternate Auditor Acque e Terme di Fiuggi S.p.A. (2020 – in effect);
  59. Alternate Auditor Pitney Bowes Italia S.r.l. (2001);
  60. Alternate Auditor Patheon S.p.A. (2005);
  61. Alternate Auditor Naturex S.p.A. (2004);
  62. Alternate Auditor Bipielle SantAnder Central Hispano società di intermediazione mobiliare S.p.A. (2001 – 2003);
  63. Alternate Auditor Thermo Optek Italia S.p.A. (2001 – 2003);
  64. Alternate Auditor Calvin Klein Europe S.r.l. (2003);
  65. Alternate Auditor B.M.A. – Brusati Manifattura Abrasivi S.p.A. (1999- 2001);
  66. Alternate Auditor Trelleborg Wheel Systems S.p.A. (1999);
  67. Alternate Auditor W.C.B. Ice Cream Italy S.r.l. (2003);
  68. Alternate Auditor Deutsches Reiseburo S.r.l. (2014 – 2016);
  69. Alternate Auditor Totalgaz Italia S.r.l. – “Totalgaz” (2014 – 2016);
  70. Chairman of ACADI “Associazione Concessionari Giochi Pubblici”, aderente Confcommercio Impr. per l’Italia (2018– in effect);
  71. Bankruptcy Trustee Megamind S.r.l. (2004 – in corso);
  72. Member of the Arbitration Board – Lega Nazionale Dilettanti – FIGC (2015 – in corso);
  73. Alternate Member Corte Federale d’Appello Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana (2016 – in effect);
  74. Sole Director Studio Italia S.r.l. (2006);
  75. Sole Director Osho S.r.l.;
  76. Director Gestioni e Promozioni Immobiliari Essecia S.r.l. (2012 – 2015);
  77. Bankruptcy Trustee Elettronica Sistemi Italia S.r.l. (2005);
  78. Bankruptcy Trustee Garanta International S.p.A. (2011);
  79. Bankruptcy Trustee Pedra S.r.l. (2007);
  80. Bankruptcy Trustee Balduina Gestioni Alberghiere – Società a responsabilità limitata (2010);
  81. Bankruptcy Trustee Ecplise S.r.l. (2011).