Name: Garima Sahney
Firm Name: Saikrishna & Associates
Country: India
Expertise: Patent Prosecution Services

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Professional Biography:

Garima Sahney is our exclusively recommended Patent Prosecution Services expert in India on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Garima directly using the contact details listed above.

Garima leads the patent prosecution and analytics practice of the firm and plays pivotal role in patent litigation matters as well.

She obtained a post-graduation degree in Biotechnology in 2005 and is a registered Indian patent agent and a patent attorney in India.

She routinely advises MNCs, domestic firms and start-ups on strategizing R&D, patent licensing opportunities, managing portfolios, identifying strategic patents for commercial purposes, conducting investigation and enforcement strategies.

With several years of experience in the patents industry, Garima has dealt extensively with patent drafting, filing, prosecution, prior art searches, landscapes, claim mappings, due diligence, validity assessments in several technical domains including biotechnology, pharma, chemistry, mechanical, automobile, telecommunication and software.

Garima has also been involved in complex patent litigations in a variety of domains, where she contributed immensely on the technical side requiring granular understanding of the technologies / prior arts / products, developing technical arguments, working with technical experts, etc.

She has led and executed projects across technologies including Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Computer Science, Software, Automobile, Mechanical, Robotics, Agriculture, Life sciences, etc.

Firm Overview:

Saikrishna & Associates is a Tier-1 full-service Firm having focused Intellectual Property, Telecommunication Media & Technology, Corporate Law & Competition Law verticals backing up the Firm’s other practice areas.

Founded in 2001, the Firm’s 19 Partners & Associate Partners as well as 100+ lawyers deliver top-notch, & dedicated services to a diverse array of Indian and International clients.