Name: Ernesto Díaz-Bastien
Firm Name: Ernesto Díaz-Bastien & Asociados Abogados
Country: Spain
Expertise: Economic Crime Law

Telephone: 915 236 765
Fax: 915 236 471

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Professional Biography:

Ernesto Díaz-Bastien is our exclusively recommended Economic Crime Law expert in Spain on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ernesto directly using the contact details listed above.

Over his long career, he has worked in different branches of national and international law. His specialisation over the last few years in financial and corporate criminal law is noteworthy. He has participated in numerous lawsuits of diverse natures in every Spanish jurisdiction. For instance, he defended the European Commission’s interests in criminal lawsuits before Spanish courts as well as those of foreign states and governments in various types of procedures. He has defended and legally represented the interests of organisations and companies as well as of individuals within various business and financial sectors.

He has worked often in the international legal sphere, coordinating and leading the defence of his clients’ interests before international courts and in numerous jurisdictions during transnational lawsuits. He has further served as specialist or expert in Spanish law before foreign criminal, commercial and civil courts. He has also produced opinions presented before international courts such as Great Britain’s House of Lords or the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

He has served as either arbitrator or attorney in arbitration procedures, both within Spain as well as abroad. He is a founding member of the Spanish Arbitration Club. He currently serves as Arbitrator for the Madrid Bar Association’s arbitration court, for the Paris-based Euro-Arab arbitration system, and for the Association for the Study of Authors’ Rights

He is widely experienced in designing legal strategies for his clients, and in out-of-court consulting and advising. He has worked on the drafting, negotiation and preparation of any number of legal documents, contracts and transactions of varied legal character, both within Spain and internationally. He has served as legal advisor to companies in order to prevent their risk of criminal prosecution. He has consulted, both long- and short-term, for administrative bodies and upper management in numerous companies, including legal advice and execution strategies. He has also advised foreign companies regarding establishing themselves in Spain, and vice versa – advising Spanish companies as to expanding beyond the country’s borders.