Name: Ernest A. Fondong
Firm Name: Fondong & Partners - Solicitors, Barristers & Notaries of the Supreme Court of The Republic of Cameroon
Country: Cameroon
Expertise: Full Service Law

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Professional Biography:

Ernest Fondong is our exclusively recommended Full Service Law expert in Cameroon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ernest directly using the contact details listed above.

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Ernest is the founder of the Firm and leads the Commercial and Corporate practice of the firm. Before becoming an Attorney, Ernest was a Pupil Sheriff Bailiff at Jingwa Chambers Buea, Cameroon. His task was the enforcement and execution of court judgments in Cameroon. Ernest was also on a part-time basis Human Rights officer at Help Out Centre for Human Rights (NGO) based in Buea Cameroon.

His area of practice includes corporate governance, corporate Finance, Capital market, Incorporation of companies under OHADA, Business law, Statutory compliance, Human Rights, Immigration, family law, Labor and Employment, Real Estates, Foreign Direct Investment, Oil and Gas and Mining.

Ernest is a compliance expert and has advised several foreign companies on compliance issues. Ernest has also helped floated and restructured many companies both local and foreign companies doing business in Cameroon.

Firm Overview:

Fondong & Partners is a full-service law firm of very specialised and experienced attorneys located in Cameroon. The firm is a bilingual practice reflecting the two judicial systems of Cameroon the English Common law and French civil law. The firm provides excellent services to its clients. It was founded by Ernest A. Fondong, Esq who is a member of the Cameroon Bar Association.

The firm has two partners, three associates, one collaborator, one paralegal/administrative staff and one external tax consultant. We have handled and continue to serve companies and individuals in Cameroon and the CEMAC sub-region in general.

Our goal is efficiency and the best services to satisfy our clients. Our Attorneys have handled very complex transactions. Our Attorneys have also helped to restructure many companies and businesses both local and foreign firms doing business in Cameroon.

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