Edith N. Nordmann
Name: Edith N. Nordmann
Firm Name: ACG International
Country: Netherlands
Expertise: Commercial Litigation

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Professional Biography:

Edith Nordmann is our exclusively recommended Commercial Litigation expert in the Netherlands on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Edith directly using the contact details above.

I practice commercial and corporate law and litigation mostly for internationally active clients.

A good contract is a perfect solution if the parties have a difference of opinion in a certain situation. Reality, however, shows that the difference of opinion arises precisely when a good contract is lacking. In that case, it is important to have a lawyer who is able to assess the situation and assess the chances and situation fairly. Based on that, negotiations can be conducted, in which opportunities, risks and damage to reputation play an important role. At the same time, consideration must also be given to the chances of litigation – otherwise the negotiations cannot be conducted properly either.

Every case is different – but every client wants to know where they stand – and I have been doing this for 20 years with an open, honest, well-argued approach and in close consultation with our clients so that they know what they are starting – but also where it ends.

I focus on long-term relationships with clients. Building and maintaining a relationship is important for best serving the interests of a client. In practice, I find that clients appreciate this and I feel very lucky to have been working for many of them for a long time. Particularly in Asian countries, earning the trust of your potential business partner comes before engaging in actual business.

Added value to your company?

A good (personal) match between the client and his legal service provider is very important. Therefore I hereby gladly invite entrepreneurs locally and abroad to present their challenges to us by means of a short (telephone) conversation without any obligation. This allows them to assess whether ACG International can offer what they are looking for. We can be reached on +31 20 800 64 00 or [email protected].

ACG International: A Full Service Law Firm

Attorney Consulting Group International (ACG International) is a full-service law firm focused on companies that are engaged in international trade and innovation. ACG International is based in Amsterdam, and active around the globe. ACG’s attorneys are known for being individual experts in their fields and for their ability to join forces across practice areas and borders, to get deals done and to find solutions that achieve the best results for our clients’ needs.

How we best serve your needs and get the results you want to achieve:

We believe that clients today are looking for a legal adviser who is quick, efficient, down to earth, proactive and cost-aware. We use our knowledge and experience to help our clients mitigate risks and navigate the pitfalls. We share our deep-seated local knowledge and (international) networks, a spirit of collaboration and the drive to exceed client expectations in The Netherlands as well as abroad.

Our clients work internationally, and so do we.