Name: Dr. Tamás Balázs
Firm Name: BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership
Country: Hungary
Expertise: Real Estate Law

Telephone: + 36-1-302-5697
Fax: + 36-1 312-1103

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Professional Biography:

Dr. Tamás Balázs is our exclusively recommended Real Estate Law expert in Hungary on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Tamás directly using the contact details above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

Dr. Tamás Balázs is a highly experienced real estate law expert based in Hungary, fluent in six languages (German, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian). With over two decades of legal practice and a strong background in business law, civil law, and various specialised legal fields, Dr. Balázs is a renowned figure in the legal community.


Fluent in six languages: German, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish, and Hungarian.

Professional Achievements:

A track record of successfully handling complex real estate cases with precision and expertise.

Established reputation for providing high-quality legal services to domestic and international clients.

Consistently updated with the latest developments in real estate law.

Adept at negotiating and mediating complex real estate transactions.

Additional Information:

Dr. Balázs and Dr. Kovátsits have a combined legal experience of over twenty years, making them a formidable team.

Committed to personalised services that prioritise client needs and demands.

Adept at navigating the intricacies of international real estate law.

Renowned for clear, precise, and effective communication in multiple languages.

Collaborative Partnerships:

Dr. Balázs collaborates with a network of trusted partner firms to provide comprehensive legal and business solutions to clients. These services include business and investment consultancy, tax consultancy, accounting, auditing, and real estate sales.


Dr. Tamás Balázs is a distinguished real estate law expert in Hungary, known for his extensive legal knowledge and linguistic versatility. With a strong background in business and civil law, he is committed to delivering personalised, client-centric services in six languages. Dr. Balázs is a valuable asset to clients seeking complex legal solutions in the domestic and international real estate arena.