Name: Dr. Tamás BALÁZS
Firm Name: BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership
Country: Hungary
Expertise: Real Estate Law

Telephone: + 36-1-302-5697
Fax: + 36-1 312-1103

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Professional Biography:

Tamás BALÁZS is our exclusively recommended Real Estate Law expert in Hungary on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Tamás directly using the contact details above.

Tamás is fluent in German, Italian, English, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian.

Dispute Resolution in Construction Law Matters in Hungary (

Firm Overview:

The professionals of BALÁZS & KOVÁTSITS Legal Partnership have thorough and widespread experience in business law and civil law and in many other special legal fields. The two partners of the partnership, Dr. Tamás BALÁZS and Dr. László KOVÁTSITS have known each other for more than twenty-five years and have more than a twenty-year legal and collegial experience.

We serve our clients with complex services in special fields and also with special services in cases which require complex and widespread knowledge, expertise and experience. In all of our cases we believe that the most important thing is to study the demands of our clients and only after that do we develop our personalised services in six languages besides the Hungarian language.

We regularly represent clients from different European, CIS countries and other states. We are the members of several professional organisations in Hungary and abroad. We also support the foreign activities of our Hungarian clients by our cooperating law firms abroad.

We can offer complex services to our clients with the assistance of the cooperating partner firms of ours in particular with business and investment consultancy, tax consultancy, accounting, auditing and real estate sales.