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Name: Dr John Douse
Firm Name: OGT Forensic Ltd.
Country: UK - England
Expertise: Forensic Expert Witness

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Professional Biography:

Dr John Douse is our exclusively recommended Forensic Expert Witness in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact John directly using the contact details listed above.

We are pioneering new, highly effective, 21st Century methods, for the purpose of providing incisive reports in the field of the Forensic Expert Investigation of Cases involving all aspects of Toxicology, Toxins (eg. Thallium, Ricin, Insulin), Drugs, DNA, Explosives, Pyrotechnics, Gunshot Residue, and a wide range of other aspects of Forensic Chemistry such as Chemical Warfare Agents, Dyes, Incendiaries, etc.

We achieve this through a unique combination of the thorough and exhaustive investigation of the Scientific Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, and also by carrying out a general Forensic investigation of all aspects of evidence and scenes.

This approach frequently provides a different interpretation to the usual simple check that tries to show that that the prosecution has carried out the analyses correctly; or the usual investigation which involves a limited number of experts who adhere very closely to very narrow specialities, and where interconnecting areas of evidence are frequently overlooked.

This more sophisticated approach frequently is decisive in obtaining favourable outcomes for defendants in the most complex, demanding and serious cases.

Our experience involves pioneering research in our specialist fields that include the development of many of the analytical methods and quality control methods used worldwide.

Unique practical experience in areas such as explosives, improvised explosives, chemical warfare, survival, and firearms during 25 years service in the UK Army reserve (including a period as a special forces (reserve) regimental demolition instructor also underpin our expertise in many matters.

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