Dr Ghazi PHOTO
Name: Dr Ghazi Alaghbari
Country: Yemen
Expertise: Commercial Law

Telephone: (+967)-1-538-638
Fax: (+967)-1-538-639
Email: apl@aghbarilaw.com

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Professional Biography:

Ghazi Alaghbari is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Yemen on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ghazi directly using the contact details listed above.

Ghazi is a well renowned and reputable Lawyer who has held highly ranked positions throughout his career. He began by working as a Lawyer and Legal Consultant from 1994 until 1998 and as Assistant Professor in the Department of Commercial and Maritime Law at Sana’a University, Yemen, from 1994 to 2006. He joined the judiciary in 1998; firstly as President of the Appellate Division in the Commercial Court of Appeals in the Capital Sana’a and later in 2001 as member of the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court; until he was appointed as Minister of Justice in 2006.

Following the end of his term as Minister, towards the end of 2011, Ghazi went on to re-establish a private law practice, which has since January 2014, expanded to create a leading multi-partner Law Firm, Alaghbari & Partners, Lawyers and Legal Consultants, which is considerably the largest Law Firm in Yemen. In addition, he is a certified Arbitrator from the Arab Union of International Arbitration, the Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration and the Yemeni Centre for Conciliation and Arbitration.

As a result of the multiple roles he has held, Ghazi inevitably has a very developed understanding of the legal and administrative systems in Yemen this is reinforced through working extensively on the drafting / amendment of numerous laws/regulations during his role as Minister of Justice.