Name: Doğan Coşgun
Firm Name: Aksu Alaskan Beygo Attorney Partnership
Country: Turkey
Expertise: Corporate Law

Telephone: +90 212 284 98 82
Fax: +90 212 284 98 83

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Professional Biography:

Doğan Coşgun is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Turkey on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Doğan directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

Doğan, who has practiced law for 25 years, joined ASC Law in 2017 to head its Dispute Resolution Department. Doğan – along with Founding Partners Murat Aksu, Zeki Çalışkan and Okan Beygo – is a key member of the most experienced, and successful, senior law firm leadership teams in Türkiye.

Since joining the firm, Doğan has spearheaded efforts resulting in a sharp increase in the number, and complexity, of the disputes matters the firm handles, including complex arbitration engagements. These developments have resulted in a several fold increase in the total amount of damages at issue in the matters ASC Law handles. Doğan’s Dispute Resolution Department now has approximately 5,000 active matters, and its approximately 50 lawyers make some 100 court appearances each week.

Before joining ASC Law, Doğan practiced inhouse at several leading Turkish companies, most recently as Chief Legal Officer of Türk Telecom. During these 20-plus years, Doğan has worked on, or managed lawyers working on, nearly every type of business dispute imaginable, experience at the core of his success at ASC Law.

Firm Overview:

Aksu Çalışkan Beygo Attorney Partnership was founded in 2001. Our head office is located in Levent / Istanbul, the financial centre of Türkiye.

We pride ourselves on bringing together in a single law firm of nearly 90 attorneys with expertise in the areas of litigation, consultancy and debt collection.

Through our experienced team, we provide world-class services to a broad range of the world’s preeminent financial institutions, corporations and other enterprises, and we are at the forefront of the Turkish market with our highly acclaimed work, particularly in the areas of banking finance, project finance, public offerings and dispute resolution.

Our firm has always been a pioneer in the areas of finance and corporate law, and we provide consultancy and dispute resolution services, as well as solutions in relation to projects that are the first of their kind in the market, including energy and natural resources, banking and finance, real estate, construction and telecommunication.

We provide services throughout Türkiye, primarily in İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir, by virtue of our strong connections and collaboration with local law firms.

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