Mr Dennis Miralis
Name: Dennis Miralis
Firm Name: Nyman Gibson Miralis
Country: Australia
Expertise: White-Collar Crime Law

Telephone: (02) 9264 8884
Fax: (02) 9264 9797

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Professional Biography:

Dennis Miralis is our exclusively recommended White-Collar Crime Law expert in Australia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Dennis directly using the contact details listed above.

Dennis is a leading Australian criminal defence lawyer and adviser whose practice focuses on providing strategic legal representation in all aspects of complex local and international criminal law including.

Areas of Expertise:

  • White collar and corporate crime
  • Money laundering
  • Serious fraud
  • Murder
  • Commercial drug supply
  • Drug importation
  • Sexual assaults
  • Driving matters causing death

Dennis specialises in representing clients in transnational / international criminal law matters such as  assets forfeiture proceedings involving multiple jurisdictions (including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, the United States and Mexico) as well as the following areas of transnational / international criminal law.

Practice Areas:

  • International money laundering law
  • International Proceeds of Crime law
  • Australian crime commission law
  • State crime commission laws
  • Transnational crime
  • Cyber-crime
  • Extradition law
  • Mutual Assistance in Criminal matters Law
  • Anti-Terrorism law
  • National Security law
  • International and Australian Surveillance law
  • Criminal intelligence law
  • Encryption law
  • Controlled Operations Law

Dennis Miralis appears in all courts throughout Australia and regularly travels outside of Australia for complex international / transnational criminal law matters.