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Name: Daniel García Barragán López
Country: Mexico
Expertise: Commercial Law

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Professional Biography:

Daniel García Barragán López is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Mexico on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Daniel directly using the contact details listed above.

Commercial law, also known as mercantile law or trade law, is the body of law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and business engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals with issues of both private law and public law.

Firm Overview:

In 1978, García Barragán Abogados was established in Mexico City and consolidated as a leader throughout the country, in the field of International law and has gained a presence thanks to its partnerships with important offices in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The prestige of this organisation has been built by understanding the specific needs of each client, regardless of its size, to offer you the best legal solutions through personalised attention.

The prestige of García Barragán Abogados is due to the quality and formation of its partners, for this reason different legal entities They consider her as one of the leaders in Mexico.

The social commitment of García Barragán Abogados becomes patent through pro bono legal services for those causes and people who do not have economic resources and require.

To face diverse challenges and legal needs. In this sense, the firm reaffirms its humanist vocation and its responsibility towards Mexican society.