Name: D. Hélène PATY KOUNAKE
Firm Name: DHP Avocats
Country: Benin
Expertise: Banking & Finance

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Professional Biography:

D. Hélène PATY KOUNAKE is our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance expert in Benin on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Paty directly using the contact details listed above.

Banking and finance is a highly sought-after area of law, with financial sectors worldwide relying on legal teams to keep them ship-shape. If you’re considering a career in banking and finance, use our handy guide to wise up on what it involves, and the skills needed to be successful.

This is an area where some amount of specialisation is a must; there are too many components for a solicitor to be a general practitioner. As a lawyer in this field you will represent either the borrower or the lender and it is your job to ensure the correct documentation is completed and your clients’ interests are fully covered and protected.

A major portion of work in banking and finance is of a transactional nature. You will complete your part in the transaction and move on to the next. A return to a completed transaction becomes necessary when disputes arise. This constitutes the contentious element of a banking and finance lawyer’s work. As a lawyer in this field, you can choose to specialise in a particular class of financing. These might include: project, acquisition, asset, property, securitisation, derivatives, capital markets and Islamic finance.

Project finance normally involves making loans for various projects, whilst acquisition finance focuses on the lending of money to companies to purchase other entities. Asset finance, likewise, focuses on loans; however, it specifically relates to the purchase or leasing of big-ticket items. Securitisation involves transactions, where a lender offloads its loan portfolio to another company, whilst derivatives focus on the fixing of currency rates during a transaction. Capital markets is where a borrowing entity issues bonds to investors and another huge area is Islamic finance, which involves transactions or loans that comply with Shariah principles.