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Name: Christophe Benoit
Firm Name: CMB avocats
Country: French Guiana
Expertise: Full Service Law

Telephone: 05 94 30 12 05
Fax: 05 94 31 67 66

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Professional Biography:

Christophe Benoit is our exclusively recommended Full Service Law expert in French Guiana on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Christophe directly using the contact details listed above.

Christophe, lawyer with the Bar of French Guyanna (formerly lawyer with the Bar of Nanterre, Paris and Val d’Oise), other co-founder of the firm, is a former legal adviser.

Until the new legislation comes into effect in 2012, CMB can represent its clients before the Paris court of appeal and before the annex of the Fort-de-France court of appeal in Cayenne.

CMB-avocats assists, advises and represents its clients (natural or legal persons, non-profit organisations, foundations and religious congregations) throughout France and its overseas territories (Départements et Collectivités d’outre-mer).

It provides support to growing businesses in France as well as in the West Indies and the Caribbean (Saint-Martin, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana, and Haiti).

CMB-avocats has always been familiar with French Guyana, where it has had clients since 1998. This familiarity, as well as French Guyana’s central position in the West-Indies, its closeness to Brazil, the United States and Haiti led to Cayenne being chosen for the setting-up of CMB-avocats overseas office.

This double presence Metropolitan France / Overseas Territories was also strongly motivated by CMB-avocats desire to put French Guyana on the map of legal practices, thereby contributing in its own area of expertise to the current economic growth of the region.

Our law firm is familiar with French Guyana for having had clients there for many years.