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Name: Christina Berggren
Firm Name: MAQS Advokatbyrå
Country: Sweden
Expertise: IT Law

Telephone: +46 31 10 20 30
Fax: +46 31 10 20 40
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Christina Berggren is our exclusively recommended IT Law expert in Sweden on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Christina directly using the contact details listed above.

Christina has extensive experience in the fields of intellectual property, media, marketing and IT law. After spending three years working in court, she entered the consulting world in 1994 and has since then worked in a patent firm, an accounting firm, and after 2003, at MAQS Law Firm. Christina helps companies and government agencies in their task to protect, commercialise, and enforce intellectual property rights such as trademarks, domain names, patents, designs and copyrights, and she assists companies with the regulatory issues relevant to their activities. In addition, she is active in the field of media law, in which she mainly assists print, digital and social-based outfits with issues related to, among others, copyrights, freedom of expression, ethics, data security, privacy, and special legislations such as the so-called ‘BBS law’, the Swedish law on responsibility for electronic bulletin boards.

Christina works closely with companies within the media sector, major domestic and international companies, including famous brands in fashion, cosmetics, retail, automotive, life sciences and technology. She also represents clients within the public sector where she specially helps these actors with protecting its intellectual property rights and with intellectual property rights in contractual situations.

Christina Berggren is active in MAQS’ support for the street newspaper ‘Faktum’ (“Fact”). Having spent a number of years growing up in the United States, she is fully fluent in both spoken and written English.