Name: Cecilie Aasprong Dyrnes
Firm Name: Ernst & Young Advokatfirma AS
Country: Norway
Expertise: Tax Law

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Professional Biography:

Cecilie Aasprong Dyrnes is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Norway on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Cecilie directly using the contact details listed above.

Committed and curious with a strong focus on competence development. Also writes textbooks and tweets about VAT. Loves being out at sea and on mountain tops, both in summer and in winter.

Cecilie is a Tax and Law partner in Oslo. She is a lawyer with the right of audience to appear in front of the Norwegian Supreme Court and works with VAT. Cecilie began at EY in 2018 and has previously worked at other law firms and as a lawyer at the Norwegian Tax Administration and at Norwegian Customs.

Cecilie Dyrnes works comprehensively with VAT and has solid knowledge of many industries, including finance, real property, media, cross-border businesses, and the public sector. She is highly involved in technological development and the opportunities this provides with respect to fee and analysis reporting.

Firm Overview:

The EY Blockchain and TMT team has advised more than 50 Norwegian and international clients on how to scale blockchain, AI and gaming within a tax & legal framework. The team offers a “one stop solution”, including core blockchain tech solutions, token economy, Decentralized Finance and NFTs.

Clients include a global EL-car producer, gas terminal builder, real estate developer, social platform players, global mining companies, crypto exchanges, solar panels producers, digital payment operators, crypto fund managers, decentralised data storage, fashion industry, food producers, individuals reporting cryptocurrencies, etc. Work include taxation, VAT, compliance, law and regulatory issues, sustainability, government and EU grants, GDPR, IP-rights, Consumer Rights, Royalty, personal taxation, accounting and audit, valuation and Integrity Due Diligence.

The team work closely with the global EY Blockchain team which has more than 300 core blockchain developers, 14 Blockchain Hubs and has developed 9 blockchain platforms.