Name: Carlos Deneszczuk
Firm Name: DASA - Deneszczuk Antonio Sociedade de Advogados
Country: Brazil
Expertise: Commercial Law

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Professional Biography:

DASA Advogados is formed by a group of lawyers who combine the experience of its professionals with the enthusiasm of highly qualified lawyers, solid legal background, sharing the commitment to the quality of their work and respect for the client, whether in defense or sponsoring. your interests. We have over 50 years dedicated to excellence and improvement in the exercise of law. We are constantly concerned with the adoption of the highest technical and ethical standards in identifying solutions to the legal problems submitted by our clients, always observing the conciliation of the parties. Our mission is the pursuit of excellence in customer service. To this end, we develop creative and effective solutions – from the simplest and most routine to the most complex and sophisticated. Our commitment goes far beyond the client x lawyer relationship: we are partners with our clients, anticipating not only solutions to problems but also business opportunities. We believe that the firm’s greatest asset is the relationship developed with client-partners over the years. Here, every demand is unique! We do not work with models or large-scale enterprises, so we always seek new and handmade solutions for our customers. We operate on all fronts of Corporate Law, notably with Corporate Restructuring, where, with the correct application of Law No. 11.101 / 2005 (Law on Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy), we have helped dozens of companies to get out of the crisis, making them more sound and financially healthy. That’s why we invite you to get to know us. Together we will build a partnership of trust and success. We put the DASA Advogados structure at your disposal.