Name: Bruce Sheppard
Firm Name: Gilligan Sheppard Public Accountants
Country: New Zealand
Expertise: Accounting Services

Telephone: +64 9 309 5191
Fax: +64 9 309 5260

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Professional Biography:

Bruce Sheppard is our exclusively recommended Accounting Services expert in New Zealand on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Bruce directly using the contact details listed above.

Bruce co founded Gilligan Sheppard in 1985 and is the Managing Partner. Bruce prides himself on telling clients what he honestly thinks, rather than what he thinks they want to hear. This doesn’t necessarily mean that what he thinks is relevant or useful. Most others still prefer to tell people what they want to hear for the simple commercial imperative that people pay more for advice that validates their own world view. Bruce prefers commercial honesty no matter what.

Bruce also likes to cut to the solution quickly and tends to find simple solutions to problems by demonstrating that all complex issues can be made quite simple with a little thought. While he is inflexible on matters of ethics, he may have a different view of ethics to many. He has the confidence to trust his own judgement on what is right and wrong, and when he gets it wrong (very rarely), he doesn’t cover it up – he tries to fix it or make good. Most tend to have some flexibility about what they are prepared to do if cash is involved, and when it goes wrong, try to cover it up. After 30 years in business, the reality is that there is no point, it always comes out eventually.

Strategically as a firm Bruce has successfully positioned Gilligan Sheppard as a wealth services firm. They help clients generate, maintain and optimise wealth through business and investment.

As a result of his now past hobby, (the New Zealand Shareholders Association) and his exposure to the regulatory process of government, he has become exposed to all aspects of the capital markets in NZ including the inner functioning of regulators, major listed companies and market intermediaries.

He regularly speaks at public forums on investing principles, governance and economic issues, as well as participating both publicly and privately in significant policy settings.

Bruce is an effective negotiator and mediator in resolving disputes and effecting transactions.

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