Name: Angela SU Qi
Firm Name: Horizons Corporate Advisory
Country: China
Expertise: Intellectual Property Law

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Professional Biography:

Angela SU Qi is our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in China on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Angela directly using the contact details listed above.

As a seasoned IPR expert, Angela holds extensive experience in handling diverse IPR cases related to China. Specifically, she has formulated IPR strategies for inbound and outbound investors in China and advised several high-profile cases to safeguard trademark rights. Equally, she monitors the development of IPRS legislation in China as it strengthens IPR protection to adapt the economy from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Hence, Angela’s expertise provides specialised knowledge and finesse for both clients venturing in or out of China.

In her multi-facet role as Head of Operations, Angela steers the operation team to advise primarily foreign investors in China. From pre-investment to establishment, governance, and ultimately exit, the team enable shareholders to remotely govern their Chinese subsidiary. Under Angela’s leadership, multidisciplinary professionals collaborate to ensure the correct legal, tax and accountancy framework is implemented.

Angela’s current work includes formulating IPR strategies for a European FCCG group in China, overseeing trademark infringement cases, and leading licensing negotiations for international companies investing in China. Additionally, she has led IPR cases for Chinese groups and enterprises investing aboard such as IPR layout, defense strategy, infringement analysis, cross-border rights and technology disputes, and alternative dispute resolutions. Angela is a regular and sought-after speaker for IPR development in China.

Angela has studied and worked in Europe for more than 10 years and holds experience at the WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland. Her international experience has equipped her with in-depth knowledge of European IPRS protection and WIPO’s framework and services related to trademark, patents, and so forth.

Prior to Horizons, Angela served in several law firms, acted as IPRS consultant to multinationals investing in China.

Firm Overview:

Horizons’ network of counsel professionals may be accessed through any one our three lead offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Turin. From there, we’ll match you with an advisor that can meet your specific needs. It’s all part of our ‘one team, one focal point’ approach to service.

Horizons is a unique advisory firm providing highly specialised legal and tax solutions that allow enterprises to thrive in today’s complex transnational corporate environment. We leverage an international network of professionals to expertly and effectively address multifaceted corporate issues. We do so across world regions and legal systems, deploying an adept understanding of and ability to leverage socialist, common, civil and sharia law for your benefit.

Today’s world is one of unpredictable change and geopolitical volatility that requires businesses to nimbly respond to a continuous array of local, regional and global challenges that affect their operations. To this end, Horizons serves as a highly responsive advisory, providing turnkey corporate solutions that proactively anticipate your dedicated needs. If you can imagine a firm whose professional services are delivered through one single focal point, addressing all your corporate needs in a judicious, compliant and highly transparent manner, then you are imagining Horizons.