Name: Alfredo Guarino
Country: Italy
Expertise: Family Law

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Professional Biography:

Alfredo Guarino is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Italy on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Alfredo directly using the contact details listed above.

The law firm has been operating in Naples since 1977. The owner, Alfredo Guarino, is an esteemed civil and criminal lawyer, particularly in all the subjects of the Italian and International Family Law and, within the law firm, employs valuable collaborators specialised in every field of legal discipline. He has always reconciled the profession of lawyer with that of university professor and writer.

Graduated with honours, he received a golden gown in professional exams and a gold medal for merit. Honorary magistrate, eleven years assistant professor at Federico II University and ten years professor in university specialisation schools. At the Ministry he drafted part of the code, he was in the Italian delegation for the United Nations Declaration on the rights of victims. Currently President of the International Chamber and Vice-President of the Italian Group of the International Union of Lawyers, involved in the Family Law and Criminal Law Commissions. He chaired the roundtable on domestic violence at the UIA Budapest Conference, presenting papers at numerous international events. He collaborates with the magazine Le Juriste International and

The publications: execution of maintenance sentences in Italy, marriage and cohabitation agreements, violation of privacy, assignment of family home and intra-family relationships, recognition of the deceased father, property regime between spouses, affective mutilation for compensation, parental stalking, apparent adultery, prenuptial agreements, sexual assault by deception. Alfredo follows many cases abroad: child support promoted by foreign citizens, recognition of foreign divorce and paternity sentences, cases of child abduction and fault in separation (conflict of jurisdictions amongst Italy, United Kingdom, Cyprus and Tunisia), assisting British, Brazilian, Polish, Czech, Russian and Dominican citizens.