Alberto Vargas Pareja
Name: Alberto Vargas Pareja
Firm Name: Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores
Country: Peru
Expertise: Corporate Law

Telephone: (511) 226-7491
Fax: (511) 226-3838
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Alberto Vargas Pareja is a founding partner of the firm Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores and leader in the areas of mining, corporate and taxation with more than 20 years of experience advising his clients. Alberto is always totally focused on his clients and provides cutting-edge technical advice to every issue in which he works, with a proven ability to keep his eyes on “the whole picture”.

Alberto is a lawyer from the University of Lima (1998), graduated with honours (Magna Cum Laude) with specialisation courses on Mining Law, Taxation, Finance and Corporate Law at Universidad del Pacífico (2011), Universidad de Lima (2004), and ESAN (2002) respectively. University Professor in subjects related to Mining and Corporate Law. Arbitrator before diverse entities like Center of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima and National Institute of Mining, Petroleum and Energy. Ability to analyse, make decisions and manage personnel.

Prior to Vargas Pareja Abogados & Consultores, Alberto advised companies and investors in the areas of Civil Law, Contracts, Property and Investment Negotiations, specialising in the Mining and Infrastructure sectors, in national, foreign and multinational companies, including Minera Barrick Misquichilca SA, leader in exploration, exploitation and marketing of gold, with successful results through leadership in the Headquarters in charge with close coordination with Legal Management and General Management in order to clearly establish the ways to carry out corporate objectives . Ability to analyze, make decisions and manage personnel.

Then, negotiator on behalf of Perupetro (Peruvian State) to enter into Exploration License and Oil Exploration contracts, taking into account contingencies in environmental matters.

Subsequently, Legal Manager of Activos Mineros SAC, company responsible for the remediation of environmental liabilities and contribute to the actions of Proinversión in the process of promotion of private investment, in charge of the preparation of transfer of surface land, assignments of contractual position and transfer of mining concessions. Also, in charge of organising the legal department of Assets Miners S.A.C

His professional approach includes topics specifically related to general practice with a concentration in corporate law, socio-environmental negotiations, property and investment, tax law, arbitration and mining.