Name: Abdulaziz Aldomaiji
Firm Name: Independent Financial Consultant
Country: Saudi Arabia
Expertise: Financial Planning Services

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Professional Biography:

Abdulaziz Aldomaiji is our exclusively recommended Financial Planning Services expert in Saudi Arabia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Abdulaziz directly using the contact details listed above.

I became the Vice President of all Financial Affairs at Saudi Post, a government operated postal system in Saudi Arabia, in 2013, but I had various positions within the corporation since 2005. I was directly responsible for the supervision of transferring the use of cash basis in accounting records in the institution to method of an accrual basis, application of system resources (ERP) using the Oracle system, and transferring the payments to suppliers systems in the organisation from the use of checks and cash exchange to the use of automatic direct transfer to employees and suppliers accounts with the use of the Alahli E Corp system.

Wanting to learn more and broaden my expertise, I attended training courses to further my education. This included- Raising the Efficiency of Financial Supervisors course, a Safety of Government Procurement Course in Cairo, Indicators to Measure and Assess Institutional Performance of Organisations, and an Economic Feasibility Study Course.

I’m a Fellow – The Charted Institute of Arbitrators – Feb 2022 (Membership No. 6082188) and I’m an accredited arbitrator with the  Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration Sadrorg (Membership No. PRE-ARB-235), and I’m an accredited arbitrator with the Commercial Arbitration Center for G.C.C COMMERCIAL ARBITRATIONCENTER  gcccac (Membership No. 2688).

Professional Overview:

Abdulaziz Aldomaiji is an independent financial consultant who is registered with the Ministry of Justice as a certified arbitrator in financial disputes. He is also is certified in the areas of arbitration and claims for local and international construction contracts, drafting of company and commercial agency contracts, and commercial arbitration.

His past achievements include the procedural transformation of accounting records at Saudi Post, where he became Vice President of Financial Affairs.