Name: Abdulaziz M. Al-domaiji
Firm Name: Independent Financial Consultant
Country: Saudi Arabia
Expertise: Independent Financial Consultant

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Professional Biography:

Abdulaziz Aldomaiji is our exclusively recommended Independent Financial Consultant expert in Saudi Arabia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Abdulaziz directly using the contact details listed above.

Endorsed by Advisory Excellence

C-suite Executive, Board Member, & Consultant

Executive leader well-known for leading organisational transformation, strengthening governance, and driving fiscal strength across the public and private sector organisations while devising strategic and financial plans and setting corporate vision / objectives. Recognised for overseeing planning and implementation of high-impact projects, encompassing cash-based to accrual-based accounting transformation, innovative B2B payment solution execution, and asset management and ERP systems deployment / upgrade. Key contributor to the Saudi Post’s global recognition as a creative entity within the postal sector and supporting the organisation to achieve multiple international awards for excellence. Strategic consultant with a record of offering expert advice to C-Suite leaders regarding financial management, corporate governance, and organisational development. Served as Chairman and Member of the Board of Directors with a background in successfully positioning a start-up company as a leading fintech provider of innovative financial solutions for businesses. Proficiency in Arabic and English.

Core Competencies

  • Executive Leadership
  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Financial Analysis & Accounting Oversight
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial Reporting
  • An accredited arbitrator
  • GRC Auditing
  • Board Membership
  • Organisational Goals Setting
  • Strategic Vision Creation
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Consultation
  • Executive Advisory
  • Team Leadership
  • ERP Integration
  • Asset Management Lifecycle
  • Stakeholder Management

Executive Success Stories

  • Led a team and coordinated with the Former President of the Saudi Post Corporation to drive organisational transformation.
  • Fostered a decade-long positive relationship with the Ministry of Finance, establishing financial stability as a cornerstone of the organisation’s success.
  • Spearheaded the implementation and operation of Oracle ERP system resources since 2007, including a seamless upgrade to Oracle Database 12c in 2018.
  • Directed the organisation’s asset tracking system to monitor and optimise the processes through the asset lifecycle.
  • Oversaw the comprehensive cadastral surveying and inventory processing of all organisational properties in 2008, ensuring accurate documentation and asset management.
  • Representing the Saudi Postal Corporation in the meetings of the Universal Postal Union(UPU).

Work History

Self Employed                                                                 

Independent Financial Consultant – Jan 2020 – Current

  • Deliver strategic consultation to help individuals and organisations in making informed financial decisions.
  • Develop financial plans tailored to the client’s needs, including budgeting, savings strategies, and investment recommendations.
  • Conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate clients’ financial goals, risk tolerance, and current fiscal condition.
  • Monitor and adjust financial plans to reflect changing circumstances, such as market conditions and economic shifts.

Tarmeez Capital, Riyadh, KSA                                                                 

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Aug 2022 – Present

  • Play a pivotal role in shaping and executing the company’s strategic plan, driving the executive team’s motivation and commitment towards achieving ambitious targets.
  • Achieve rapid recognition for a start-up company within the first year, positioning the company as a leading fintech provider of innovative financial solutions for businesses and pioneering accessible investment and savings channels for individuals.

Saudi Post Corporation, Riyadh, KSA                                                                  

VP of Financial Affairs | Secretary of Saudi Post Board – Dec 2012 – Feb 2020

  • Directed a team of 130 members (with 4 direct reports) to manage the overall financial aspects of the organisation while liaising with the Ministry of Finance and other regulatory authorities.
  • Met all the requirements of the executive management and regulatory authorities while fostering collaboration among all sector departments.
  • Participating in preparing strategic and executive plans, following up on their implementation,
  • Contributed to developing and implementing strategic and executive plans focused on driving the organisation’s fiscal stability.
  • Acted as a company’s advocate; represented the organisation in international meetings.
  • Tackled the challenge of simultaneously operating an accrual-based accounting system and maintaining cash-based operations for the Saudi Postal Corporation, resulting in the generation of accurate financial statements on the accrual basis and seamless reporting on the cash basis for the Ministry of Finance.
  • Implemented an ERP system, engaged a dedicated consultant, and conducted comprehensive employee training to achieve this dual-accounting functionality.
  • Established a B2B payment solution for the Saudi Postal Corporation through collaboration with a leading local bank, making Saudi Post one of the pioneering government entities to implement this innovative solution.
  • Created a robust asset management capability across all regions of the Kingdom for the Saudi Post Corporation that included the creation of a dedicated department, system implementation, consultant appointment, and employee training.
  • Strategically positioned as a Secretary of the Saudi Post Board from Oct 2016 – Oct 2018.
  • Representing the Saudi Postal Corporation in the meetings of the Universal Postal Union(UPU) during the period from 2013 to 2019, to participate in the periodic meetings of the Universal Postal Investment Council and to prepare for the Union’s Congress that take place every four years.

Consultant for His Excellency Chairman of the Saudi Post – Dec 2009 – Dec 2012

  • Offered expert advice to the Chairman on various business matters.
  • Oversaw timely completion of special projects, initiatives, and high-impact assignments.

Acting Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs – Aug 2008 – Dec 2009

  • Provided direction to manage the organisation’s financial and administrative affairs, including financial analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting.
  • Monitored financial performance, analysed fiscal data, and provided regular reports to the executive team and board of directors.
  • Managed financial risk, including investments, debt, and cash flow, to ensure the organisation’s fiscal stability and sustainability.
  • Developed and implemented administrative policies, procedures, and processes to optimise operational productivity.
  • Ensured compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, as well as adherence to internal policies and standards.
  • Collaborated with senior leadership to contribute financial / administrative insights to developing the organisation’s strategic plans.

General Director of Finance Affairs  – Sept 2005 – Aug 2008

  • Rendered leadership to manage the organisation’s financial affairs, including accounting, budget administration, and financial reports generation.
  • Successfully led the organisation’s transition from cash-basis to accrual-basis accounting, resulting in the generation of commercial financial statements for the fiscal year 1426/1427 H.
  • Drove transformation of payment processes from manual checks and cash exchanges to automated direct transfers for employees and suppliers using Alahli E Corp system.

Earlier Experience

General Director for Financial Control Assistant | Ministry of Finance | Mar 1993 – Aug 2005

Financial Controller | Ministry of Finance | Jun 1982 – Mar 1993

Board Experience

Board Member | The Heart Patients Care Association (Qalbi) | Feb 2024 – Present

Board Member | Etihad Jawraa Company (Lebara) | Sep 2013 – Feb 2020

Board Member | Naqel Company | Dec 2012 – Feb 2020

Secretary of Board of Directors | Naqil Company | Dec 2012 – Feb 2020

Education & Credentials

  • An accredited arbitrator with the  Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration #Sadrorg (Membership No. PRE-ARB-235).
  • An accredited arbitrator with the Commercial Arbitration Center for G.C.C COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION CENTER #gcccac (Membership No. 2688).
  • Fellow – The Charted Institute of Arbitrators, Feb 2022 (Membership No. 6082188)
  • Certified GRC Professional (GRCP), 2020
  • Certified GRC Auditor, 2021
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting (Completed the curriculum) | College of Business Administration, King Saud University, 1998
  • Course – Institute of Public Administration, 1984
  • Bachelor Degree in Sharia Sciences | Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, 1980
  • Fellowship of Shari’ah Consultant in Islamic Financial Jurisprudence and Dispute Settlements Certificate | The Saudi Judicial Scientific Association (Judiciary), 2021
  • English Language Course + Finance and Accounting Terminology Course | University of Missouri, Dec 1996
  • Financial Controls Management Diploma (Equivalent to Master Degree) | Institute of Public Administration, 1982

Additional Training Courses

Financial Modelling using Excel – Money Experts Institute | 2022

Advancing Negotiation Skills (Scotwork 2015)

Economic Feasibility Study Course | 2010

Professional Diploma in Arbitration and Claims for Local and International Construction Contracts (Vidk) | Assiut University, 2010

Drafting of Companies and Commercial Agencies Contracts and Commercial Arbitration, 2008

Primary Skills for International Arbitrators (How to Become an International Arbitrator), 2008

Arbitration and Arbitration Skills Development in Courts, 2006

Makkah First Forum of Arbitration (Arbitration in the Islamic World – Problems and Solutions), 2006

Indicators to Measure and Assess Institutional Performance of Organisations, 2005

Safety of Government Procurement Course in Cairo, 2004

Raising the Efficiency of Financial Supervisors Course, 1991


Second UPU Extraordinary Congress, Addis Ababa, 2018

CFO ANZ Summit, Queensland, Australia, 2018

Universal Postal Conference, Istanbul, 2016

5th Annual CFO Forum, Dubai, 2013

Thirty-Fifth Conference for Training and Development of the Asian Regional Organisation held under the Title (Human Capital – Training and Development for Information Society), Cairo (ARTDO), 2008

Universal Postal Conference, Geneva, 2008

First International Conference of Postal Techniques, 2007

World Accounting Conference, 2005

Post Expo Conference, Paris, 2005