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Name: Abdelhakim Boumedine
Firm Name: Lawyer Abdelhakim Boumedine
Country: Algeria
Expertise: Business Law

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Professional Biography:

Abdelhakim Boumedine is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Algeria on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Abdelhakim directly using the contact details listed above.

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A business’s operations are governed by a complex of laws, rules, and principles known as business law. It covers ideas like the fiduciary responsibility of an organisation to its shareholders, the legal means through which directors may be held answerable for their deeds, and what constitutes a contract breach.

The regulatory basis for conducting business is provided by business law. Both domestic laws and international agreements define the scope of business law. One of the rare nations without any domestic business law regulations is the United States.

Court cases, contracts, and agreements are all components of company law. The two primary categories of business law are:

  1. Civil law – This includes all laws that regulate civil rights and obligations as well as any rules that have an impact on those rights and obligations. Conflicts over property, contracts, torts, debts, and marital ties are a few examples of this.
  2. Criminal law – This category of laws includes all those that both govern and prosecute other criminal offences, such as theft and fraud.

Every business owner needs to be able to manoeuvre through the legal system. Depending on the kind of firm or industry, multiple sets of laws may apply in the large and extremely complex field of business law. This covers limited liability, intellectual property law, contracts law, and employment law.