Aamal Al Abbasi
Name: Aamal Al Abbasi
Firm Name: Newton Legal Group
Country: Bahrain
Expertise: Corporate Law

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Professional Biography:

Aamal Al Abbasi is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Bahrain on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Aamal directly using the contact details listed above.

Aamal joined Newton Legal upon its establishment in 2012. She works closely with a number of key clients including the Office of H.R.H. the First Deputy Prime Minister, H.E. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Jawad Al Arrayed along with nogaholding and its subsidiaries.

Aamal’s primary focus is on governmental entities. She reviews a wide range of agreements in respect to these governmental entities’ projects.

In addition, she advises them on general Bahraini law requirements with particular emphasis on Commercial Companies Law, Law of Commerce, Tender Regulations, Civil Code, Ministry of Finance’s Financial Manual and State Budget Law.

Furthermore, Aamal has been appointed as a legal adviser in a number of internal governmental committees that were formed to provide appropriate solutions to specific outstanding legal issues and potential projects.

In addition, she has been recently highly involved in drafting a number of legal instruments including laws that will have a substantial impact on the health and real estate sectors in Bahrain. She has drafted various policies for the Government of Bahrain.

Aamal Al Abbasi has effectively participated in teaching the Bahraini Commercial Companies Law at the University of Bahrain for three years along with the Founding Principal of Newton Legal.

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