Evermay Consulting Group Appoints Susan Aarons

Evermay Consulting Group is pleased to introduce former federal special agent Susan Aarons as Senior Associate. One of the founding members of the Department of Homeland Security, Ms. Aarons has served in leadership positions spanning customs, immigration, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and national security.

Susan also served with over 42 United States Congressional committees during the mapping of DHS, including appropriations and funding.

During her tenure, Susan directed the integration of national security and counterterrorism efforts across DHS and ICE and led ICE Homeland Security Investigations across more than a hundred FBI Joint Terrorism Task Forces. She served as a founding leader of the CBP National Targeting Centre, FBI’s Terrorist Screening Centre and the ODNI’s National Counterterrorism Centre. Ms. Aarons also served as FBI Deputy Section Chief for Terrorist Financing Operations Section.

Susan led the effort to analyse, prioritise, develop and implement the first government-wide Terrorist Mobility Strategy, and was a pioneer / senior advisor for the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment terrorist watchlist.

Susan has led inter-agency surge teams, focused on training, capacity building and foreign counterpart coordination in support of Presidential policy directives for partners that included National Security Council, National Counterterrorism Centre, departments of Justice, Treasury, Défense, and State. Her leadership earned her a reputation collaborative leadership with uncompromised integrity in the law enforcement community.

Susan is a recipient of several awards, including a Presidential Commendation and Secretary of Treasury Award, and nominated for United States Customs’ Agent of the Year. She has represented United States Law Enforcement interests to the intergovernmental Financial Action Task Force, established by the G7 to combat global money laundering and terrorist financing.

For more than 10 years, Evermay Consulting Group has provided advisory services to firms looking to enhance their understanding of DHS and other agencies’ missions. Our team is comprised of former government acquisition and program leaders who have not only lived the mission but have been agents of change from within the government procurement system itself.

Evermay’s unbiased dedication to mission and mentorship has made them actively-sought advisors who daily help meet the challenges of homeland protection.

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