Duane Morris Celebrates Black History Month 2021

Duane Morris LLP manages its diversity and inclusion program with the objective of utilising the best talent worldwide in solving legal problems. The firm recruits a diverse pool of lawyers that collectively possess an awareness of cutting-edge 21st century issues—legal, social and economic—for which clients require solutions.

Following the killing of George Floyd, protest erupted throughout the United States of America and the world, demanding change and an end to police brutality.

George Perry Floyd Jr. was an African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest after a store clerk suspected Floyd may have used a counterfeit $20 bill, on May 25, 2020.

In this unprecedented moment of reckoning and awakening, Duane Morris LLP held a series of events and discussions on racial inequality and the systemic changes that are needed for a more just society in America.

Duane Morris LLP is a law firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Joseph K. West is Partner and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at Duane Morris.

In a law firm wide event to honour Juneteenth, the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States of America, the acclaimed actor, director and producer Laurence Fishburne spoke about the much-heralded Juneteenth episode of his hit show, “Black-ish,” which he co-created, produces and co-stars in.

Joseph is an award-winning, nationally recognised subject matter authority in the field of diversity and inclusion, having worked, lectured and written extensively on diversity and inclusion issues impacting businesses and the legal profession.

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