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Dock Company Added To Privatisation Program

A dock is the area of water between or next to one or a group of human-made structures that are involved in the handling of boats or ships or such structures themselves. The exact meaning varies among different variants of the English language.

After first commanding an ordinary meeting of the Investment Partnership Program on Wednesday, August 21, the Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, announced that the São Paulo State Dock Company was included in the National Privatisation Program.

The minister emphasised that a Brazilian delegation led by the national secretary of ports, Diogo Piloni, is visiting Australia to understand details about conducting the desaturation studies of the ports of Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney, produced by PwC, one of the largest companies of audit and consulting firm.

The leader of the infrastructure portfolio also recalled that Brazil.

The aim, according to him, is to reach the best format for the country. PPI Special Secretary Martha Seillier said it is not yet possible to estimate the amount of investments related to concessions and privatisation at the Port of Santos.

The São Sebastião, Espírito Santo dock companies and Suape Industrial and Port Complex in Pernambuco have already been included in the PND at previous meetings.

Other important state-owned companies such as Correios and Eletrobras were also qualified for a future transfer to private enterprise. Modelling the sales format of each company will go through long study processes, which will hardly be less than 18 months.

In just over three years of operation, PPI qualified 248 projects, 151 of them already auctioned. The expectation of the Federal Government is to stimulate R$ 262.5 billion in investments in the coming years, in addition to raising grants of approximately R$ 52 billion.

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