Julie Andrews

Partner Julie Andrews represents clients at the trial and appellate level. In addition to being proficient in the ever-changing laws and policies involving family law, Julie believes that her effectiveness stems from client communications and substantial preparation. Julie’s background in teaching children with special needs has equipped her with the interpersonal skills to understand and patiently communicate with the family law clients. In addition to family law litigation, Julie is a registered mediator and provides dispute resolution services across central Indiana.

Firm Overview:

Cohen & Malad, LLP was founded in 1968 by former Indiana Attorney General, John J. Dillon, Louis F. Cohen and others. Since that time, Cohen & Malad has grown to be an admired and respected law firm. The Firm prosecutes and defends class actions and other civil litigation in Courts throughout the United States. Cohen & Malad also advises companies and businesses in business transactions and the preparation of legal documents necessary to accomplish their goals. The Firm also provides skilled representation in high-stakes divorces and assists lenders in collecting their loans.

Today, Cohen & Malad employs more than 25 highly skilled attorneys, backed by a large support staff, with extensive experience in a wide range of litigation and business services. Using the latest in legal technology and backed by decades of litigation experience, Cohen & Malad LLP works hard to protect and enforce the rights of its clients both in and out of Court.